2014 BMW R 1200 RT Corbin Dual Saddle Seat Now Available

2014 BMW R 1200 RT Corbin Dual Saddle Seat Now Available

2014 BMW R 1200 RT Corbin Dual Saddle Seat Now Available2014 BMW R 1200 RT Corbin Seat

Corbin has taken the touring-quality comfort to the next level with its ergonomic sculpting and wide supportive bucket shaping for the revised 2014 BMW R 1200 RT.

2014 BMW R 1200 RT Corbin Dual Saddle Seat Now AvailableThe shape of the seat is lowest in the center which relives central pressure from your tailbone. This shape is contoured out to cradle your body and disperse weight over a greater area. This all adds up to comfort and support that will keep you in the saddle long enough to use up that large fuel tank on the new R1200GS, which receives the semi-water cooled boxer.

Corbin built electric seat heaters into their saddle design that integrates with the BMW control module. A conveniently located switch along the side for the passenger works just like the stock unit. Temperature is controlled and maintained just like the OEM seat to provide luxurious heat on those chilly mornings.

To add a touch of class and conceal the heating pads, Corbin used a tasteful twin stitch pattern in a tuck & roll style in the leather seating areas. 

This new dual saddle also works with an optional removable rider backrest for added comfort and support. They are sculpted to fit the shape of your back and simple to adjust with a single set screw (Multiple backrest models available including the new “Ovalbac” series #02-SB shown).

2014 BMW R 1200 RT Corbin Dual Saddle Seat Now AvailableBackrest support hardware is built into the saddle for a very clean look. 

All Corbin saddles are built up with their exclusive Comfort Cell foam. They may feel firm at first, but they break-in to your body and provide lasting support for years…firm is a good thing.

Both saddle and backrest include genuine leather seating areas that conform along with the saddle for perfect break-in. Corbin uses leather in the seating and coordinated vinyl side panels to complete the custom look while keeping the saddle looking sharp and the foam shape crisp.

Saddle installs using an integrated key lock system. Just install the supplied latch bracket on your bike and the seat will install and remove with a simple twist of a key. Corbin heaters use wiring pigtail that integrates with the OEM harness. Corbin’s saddle is designed similar to the standard BMW seat for maximum touring support.

For those interested in obtaining more information on Corbin, visit corbin.com.