Racer Gloves | Race Carbon Glove Review

Racer Gloves Race Carbon Glove Review
Racer Gloves Race Carbon
Racer Gloves Race Carbon Glove Review
Racer Gloves Race Carbon

Race Carbon Glove Review

Don’t let the brand name Racer Gloves fool you. Designed in Austria, Racer makes a wide range of gloves for everywhere from the track to the boulevard.

In the case of the Race Carbon gloves, they are aimed squarely at sport-touring riders who may find themselves battling both cold and wet, yet still want great feel and the security of CE-approved gloves.

When you put on the Race Carbon gloves, you’ll notice that your hands are slipping into a waterproof sheath with serious intentions. At the wrist, a drawstring adjusts the closure to taste and conditions.

Once fully inside, your hands will feel how plush the interior is. Soft and inviting, you can feel your hand warm up immediately, thanks to the Dexfil and Tri-Fleece insulation.

I took the gloves out for some high-speed freeway and canyon runs in temperatures into the 40s, and my hands never felt chilly. Yes, they felt cool, but never so cold that I was unable to operate the hand controls with complete authority.

As temperatures warmed into the 70s, I expected that I would suffer from sweaty hands. Much to my surprise, while my hands were definitely on the warm side, they never got so hot that I felt a burning desire to swap them out. As you get to 80, you will want a different pair of gloves, of course.

Due to drought conditions in California, I waited in vain to test their rain-worthiness. As a substitute, I let my shower have a shot at them. With far more water hitting the gloves than in any rainstorm you are likely to find yourself in, my hands remained 100-percent dry. The reason is no surprise — the breathable water-proof Aquapoint membrane.

With all this insulation from the elements, you might not expect great feel from the gloves. Amazingly, after a few minutes of acclimation, I found the gloves to be nearly as good as any summer gloves.

The back of the glove is bulky, but the portion of the glove that interfaces with the grips is pliable, high-tech Pittards leather. This gives superb tactile feedback, and allows you to ride hard in the cold and still feel in control in the wet.

Should the unthinkable happen, the Race Carbon gloves have some serious protection. Your knuckles are guarded by carbon fiber, and the heel of your hand is equipped with Knox SPS scaphoid protectors. Cowhide and goatskin work together for flexibility where wanted and durability where needed.

Fully thought out and designed to deliver premium ergonomics, the Racer Race Carbon gloves will appeal to any aggressive rider who isn’t put off by less-than-perfect weather.

For additional information, visit Racer Gloves USA.

Story from the March/April issue of Ultimate MotorCycling magazine. For subscription services, click here.


  1. I love everything about Racer gloves except the over-the-top branding on them. Might as well wear a sign on your back saying something like, “Macho”, “Awesome” or “Doofus”, as you ride down the street.


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