Motorcycle Jackets Are Modern Day Armor

Motorcycle Jackets Are Modern Day Armor

Motorcycle Jackets Are Modern Day ArmorMotorcycle Jackets

For many of us, the very first image of the motorcycle likely came with some image of a leather-clad rebel hugging the tank with a pair of steel-toe boots.

Motorcycle jackets are just as iconic as the classic, vintage-styled bikes of yesteryear we’ve come to know and love over the years.

Without the motorcycle jacket, the fashion behind the industry might not be anywhere near the same as it is today. But the times have changed a bit, and studded leather jackets have made room for padded, leather jackets for more intense riding situations. But no matter how hard you ride and how far you’re traveling, there’s a motorcycle jacket manufactured just for you.

One or Three

It’s quite apparent that you need a motorcycle jacket. Even if you already own one or two, it’s probably time you find another one. I’ve never thought to myself, “Hey, you already own one jacket, so you probably don’t need another.”  A motorcycle jacket is much like any other article of clothing.

You’ll eventually want one fit for the occasion, even if it’s just jetting across town to fetch some groceries. Looking right is great, but feeling comfortable and protecting while hauling down the road should be your main objective. From the cold wintry months to the hot summer heat, a motorcycle jacket is needed to stay protected during all rides of the year, and it’s certainly not something you should overlook in terms of essential riding gear.

For extensive riders, multiple jackets make sense because not every ride is going to feature the same riding conditions and similar terrain, so it’s only natural to gear up for the appropriate occasion. Besides, you can always coordinate your jacket with your riding partner!

Motorcycle Jackets Are Modern Day ArmorFinding That Perfect Fit

When hunting for a new motorcycle jacket, the choices can absolutely be overwhelming. The sense of product satisfaction can lead you down many paths, and you just might fall in love with everything you find. But there’s always going to be that one (or two or three) jacket that stands out.

There’s always going to be that one jacket that not only matches with your motorcycle, it’s also going to make you look like a real road warrior when you’re straddling the bike. Yes, the perfect fit comes when the moment you put the jacket on, you feel all those riding experiences come flashing back again.

A true motorcycle jacket should make you feel young again, no matter how old you may be. You’ll know you’ve found your next motorcycle jacket when it makes every fiber of your being excited to ride, and all you can think about is throwing on the leathers, twisting the throttle and barreling down the road. When you finally find that one motorcycle jacket that works for your riding style, you’ll want to wear it to bed almost every night. After all, the perfect gear should fit so comfortably, you won’t even know it’s there.

Street Bike Attire

At the very pinnacle of the modern motorcycle lies the street bike. The progression of the industry’s technology begins and ends with many of these bikes, so it’s only natural that street bike riding gear is some of the most fashionable and protective on the market. Street bike jackets come in a variety of styles, colors and accessories to provide riders with plenty of reasons to stay both unique and safe all at the same time.

Alpinestars has always been at the forefront of the racing industry, and their Viper Air Textile Jacket has been a favorite of mine for many years.

It’s a tight fit, sure, but it’s fortified with enough padding and premium materials on the inside that every kind of situation evokes confidence. Likewise, this jacket looks and feels great in all types of climates, from sunny beach tours to the shivering temperatures of Northern Canada.

I’ve never needed to replace or upgrade this jacket in all of its life, because it works so well in so many conditions. Even on days when I head out in little more than a t-shirt and shorts, I’ve always got my Viper Air packed away and ready to wear when the time is right.

Motorcycle Jackets Are Modern Day ArmorWomen Jackets Made Right

While many of the earlier motorcycle jackets were designed and styled for just the men, women have found more and more options becoming available over the last few decades. Motorcycle jackets for women offer a bit more comfort around the waist and chest, giving riders the ability to move in a more natural way whenever necessary. Today’s riders demand more out of a motorcycle jacket, such as wind resistance, waterproofing and body protection for pushing the very limits of the body and bike.

Women riders are just as tough as the men, so they demand as much protection in a motorcycle jacket. Take the Icon Citadel, for example – a jacket that’s built using a legendary manufacturer’s history as a high-quality motorcycle gear specialist and custom-tailored a solution specifically for women. Shoulder and back pads allow riders to get low and stay focused on the ride and not the danger. However, this type of armor is removable, a perfect option for riders who are looking for something a bit more lightweight and casual for the day’s ride.

Motorcycle jackets are as much of a rite of passage as they are a necessary piece of riding gear. When you kick-start your cruiser bike or hop on that street ride for even the shortest of trips, a motorcycle jacket somehow makes everything feel so right. Not only is a jacket a protective means of safety, it’s an iconic image. If I’m ever lucky enough to win the lottery, you may just find me buying up every motorcycle jacket I can lay my hands on – or at least, every motorcycle jacket that fits. There are so many reasons to fall in love with street bike jackets, cruiser jackets and everything in between. It’s a lifestyle that simply cannot be replicated.

About the author:

Dewayne Jasper has been riding for over six years and currently rides a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R; this story is about how Dewayne describes Motorcycle Jackets as modern day armor.