AXO Grid Jacket Review | Four Season Comfort

AXO Grid Jacket Review | Four Season Comfort

AXO Grid Jacket Review | Four Season ComfortAXO Grid Motorcycle Jacket Test

The terms multipurpose and all-weather get thrown around quite a bit, yet few products truly live up to the billing. They either fall seriously short in some aspect, or wallow in mediocrity across the board.

Axo’s new Grid jacket is touted as a four-season jacket that can be used for all types of riding. As it turns out, Axo’s boasts are backed up by the jacket’s performance.

Coming out of winter, let’s look at the cold weather performance — it is very good. While the textile jacket may be relatively slight, it comes with a long-sleeve zip-in quilted liner that kept me warm on a naked bike on high-speed runs with the temps in the 40s.

With the liner in, the Grid’s flexibility remains unhindered. I was able to move around on sport bikes with no problem, as the flex panels that run under the arm from the front to back of my shoulder did their job flawlessly. Hook-and-loop straps at the waist let me tailor the jacket’s fit; the cut is outstanding.

Protection is typical—CE-approved pliable shoulder and elbow cups, along with a foam back protector in a pocket. All are removable and upgradable, depending on your needs.

AXO Grid Jacket Review | Four Season ComfortAirflow is highly effective on the Grid thanks to a large pair of vents on the sides and another, smaller pair on the shoulders.

The shoulder vents exit through like-sized openings in the upper back, while the side-inducted air is funneled out the bottom back of the jacket. All vents are zippered and air-tight when closed.

In the cooler spring and fall days, you can leave the Grid’s vest in and add airflow as needed. When things warm up, the vest can be removed, leaving the air-flowing perforated lining, and the vents take over temperature management.

The only downside to removing the liner is that a handy phone pocket is lost. Fortunately, the two exterior zippered pockets are roomy, and there is still one interior hook-and-loop closed pocket.

For touring, commuting, or sport riding, the Axo Grid jacket is a winner. The comfort of its tailored cut works for all kinds of riding, and the temperature range for the jacket is about 40 to 100 degrees. It is also claimed to be 100-percent waterproof, but a drought has prevented us from fully testing that feature.

However, the descriptions of multipurpose and all-seasons have proven accurate, and that makes this a go-to jacket all year long.

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