Yamaha MT-07 | The Dark Side of Japan Video

Yamaha MT-07 | The Dark Side of Japan Video
Yamaha MT-07

2014 Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha has released a new video titled “The Dark Side of Japan” that exploits its latest creation – the MT-07.

But don’t get too excited about this younger sibling of the FZ-09; as for now, the MT-07 will only be available in European and Japan markets.

The naked sportbike has everything that would appeal to Americans, though. It’s an attractive entry-level sportbike that features a crossplane, 689cc twin that produces 75 horsepower.

The MT-07 would provide much agility in urban situations, and weighs just over 360 lb. dry, which should give it a wet weight of just under 400 lb.

The MT-07 (MT meaning “Masters of Torque) was unveiled at EICMA this past November, and though the machine won’t arrive in North America, we can still enjoy its looks in media such as the video attached above.


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