World’s Fastest Wheelie on Ice – 109.5 mph on ZX-10R (Video)

Ryan Suchanek Guinness World Record Wheelie on Ice

The old adage “records are made to be broken” has proven true for Ryan Suchanek. Twice, actually, as he attempted breaking a very unique Guinness World Record – motorcycle wheelies on ice.

Stunt motorcycle rider Suchanek, who lost a leg during a street accident in 2007, first broke his own wheelie on ice record of 95 mph with 108.5 mph last year, and this year he went even faster – 109.5 mph.

During the attempt Feb. 1 at Lake Koshkonong in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Suchanek’s 2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja threw a front-tire stud that punctured his radiator. But Suchanek and his team continued to add coolant, and eventually set the new record that is highlighted in the video above.

Following the record-breaking wheelie, Suchanek said “This year I wanted to extract more power from the bike since it helped so well on my last record run. I added the Brock’s Alien Head exhaust with a Power Commander and switched to VP race fuel 108 and the bike really came alive.

“After testing I download the data from my GPS tracking device and found that my bike was pulling just over 1G force! So the bike was running good, however once we were there I felt like the bike was running lean due to the cold weather. And unfortunately I couldn’t find a dyno to tune the bike in 0 degree temps.

“The day of the event was a struggle, it was snowing heavily and the bike was sucking snow through the air filter and icing it up. My front tire started throwing studs into my radiator, 6 studs flew out from the triple digit speed set downs and the those 6 studs resulted in 6 holes in my radiator so I was limping that along through the day by putting antifreeze in the cooling system every couple runs. I am happy that I was able to overcome these obstacles and beat my record once again. I now have three speed records for the fastest wheelie on ice. However I’m far from done, I am going to do a tear down and try and break 120 mph.”

Brock Davidson, owner of Brock’s Performance, said “Ryan approached us just a few short weeks ago looking to uncover some extra horsepower from his 2004 ZX-10R for this World Record attempt. I was immediately interested and knew that Brock’s Performance could help him out with his needs. As if 100+ mph wheelies aren’t impressive enough by themselves, Ryan does it in freezing conditions on ICE! We would like to congratulate Ryan on his amazing accomplishment and we look forward to his future attempts.”

World's Fastest Wheelie on Ice Video - 109mph on ZX-10R