Victory ‘Gunner’ Bobber Teased Ahead of Unveiling

Victory 'Gunner' Bobber Teased Ahead of Unveiling

2015 Victory Gunner Teaser

Victory likes to launch early releases of the following year’s models, such as it did with the Judge and Boardwalk models.

And this week, Victory teased its first 2015 model – the “Gunner.” Though not confirmed, the new machine is definitely named after Victory’s spokesman, R. Lee Ermey, who played Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in “Full Metal Jacket,” and was also a real-life drill sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Victory 'Gunner' Bobber Teased Ahead of Unveiling

Victory has revealed little ahead of the Feb. 8 unveiling, providing just these two low-resolution images, the Gunner name, and that it’s a bobber.

That’s it. The only thing we do know is that the 2015 Victory Gunner arrives with the Freedom 106 V-Twin (1731cc) that is offered across the entire 2014 lineup manufactured in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Stay clicked to for a full preview with specs and photos once Victory releases all info to us on Feb. 8.


  1. I’ll be very interested as a High-Ball owner and fan, how the new Gunner will compare. It’s apparent it’s a steel-frame with classic rounded Vegas-style tank from the photo, so the two bikes will be extremely similar.. Maybe a more conventional handlebar bobber offering with similar High-Ball styling in matte. Then it’s a question of front end.. fat 16″ or skinny tire? I suspect the rear tire will remain the same as the High-Ball but anything is possible. I hope they don’t honk up the fenders. I do not suspect it’s a bagger, but ya never know. A lot of customs have been showing up doing bags of various types on old kingpins etc, and Vic does mention highway as well as street on this Gunner. Chomping at the bit to see this scoot.

  2. Sure hope the Gunner has a BIG FAT tire on the front. All the old pics of the ORIGINAL bobbers have the larger tires on them and even Harley with there Sportster version of “the bobber” has a large tire. Besides, it’s a safer ride. Ever ride a stretch of highway that has been grooved for the new top…. SCARRY!


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