Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boots | Review

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot
Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot
Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Adventure Boot Review

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof boots are designed primarily for the dual-sport and adventure motorcycle rider, but also can be used by sportbike riders.

The Astars boots are waterproof, flexible, breathable, and tall like an off-road boot with ankle armor and room for shin/knee guards. They are made of leather that comes in black with dark gray straps and buckles.

There are three adjustable straps with the buckles on the boots’ outside.
The rubber sole is stitched to the boot, which allows sure footing on wet pavement and off-pavement conditions.

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot First Impression

As background, I have high expectations for Alpinestars product based on my positive experience of its Tech 6 boots when I raced in local cross-country and enduro events.

I received the Scout Waterproof boots about a week before my dual-sport ride in June, which gave me an opportunity to check the boots’ comfort during my daily commute rides in the North Texas area. The temperature was in the low 70s for the morning ride and high 80s with moderate humidity for the late afternoon ride.

When I first slipped on the Scout boots, my expectations were met as far as comfort and ease of use.  Alpinestars boots have a reputation of having a short break-in period, and the Scout Waterproof model is no exception.

Even with the stiffness that is inherent with new boots, I had very little trouble adjusting the straps to the length I needed and fastening the buckles. Additionally, the boots’ tops have a large, heavy-duty Velcro pad that helps close the top gap and makes fastening the straps even easier.

For the daily commuter rides the boots were comfortable, highly flexible for shifter and rear-brake pedal operation, and kept my feet temperature comfortable given the outside air temperature on the rides home.  Additionally, the rubber, treaded soles allowed sure-footed plants at intersection where motor oil patches tend to present slipping hazards when waiting for stop light changes.

The major test was how the Scout Waterproof boots would perform on a 100-plus mile ride in the Moab, Utah, area where the terrain changes from desert-floor to high-altitude passes with a mix of primarily dirt roads in differing conditions with short smooth, pavement stretches. Basically, the Scout Waterproof boots were outstanding in handling the varying ride conditions.

Not only were my feet comfortable the entire time, which is important for minimizing distractions that can come from ill-fitting or poorly performing gear, but the Scout Waterproof boots kept my feet dry when traversing through creek crossings at moderate speeds.

Additionally, the boots were very comfortable for walking around when at rest stops due to the well-cushioned in sole and rubber soles.

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot
Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot Long-term Evaluation

In the intervening six months I have continued to be impressed with Alpinestars Scout Waterproof boots in terms of the comfort, flexibility, and weather protection.

My riding conditions have encompassed hot summer temperatures, cold sleet, and sub-freezing temperatures for my daily commute and occasional weekend day ride.

As for durability the Velcro closure and strap and buckle mechanisms have held up to the rigors of daily use and the material in the boot’s folds have not shown any signs of tearing.  Additionally, the left boot’s shifter area has not shown any signs of abrasion that can occur with other brands.

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot Summary

Overall, Alpinestars Scout Waterproof boots easily met my high expectations in terms of comfort, short break-in period, flexibility, and weather protection.

The one function that I have not tested, nor do I have any plans to test, are protection in a collision with another vehicle or object but I am confident the boots will do their job.

In summary, Alpinstars Scout Waterproof boots well-designed comfort and durability easily meet my expectations and will continue to be used for a very long time, which I expect to happen since my Tech 6 boots are several years old.

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boot Features:

  • Full-grain leather bonded with a waterproof membrane for a fully watertight boot.
Internally molded shin, toe and heel counters for excellent impact resistance and abrasion.
Removable PE padded foot bed provides shock absorption and impact protection.
  • Breathable mesh foot bed liner is breathable and keeps foot dry.
Stitched sole is a unique rubber compound for exceptional grip.
Outer calf and foot three-buckle closure with micro-adjustable memory system.
  • Inner calf leather is S/Mooth for bike feel.
  • 3D micro injected Alpinestars logo on shin.
  • Sizes: 3.5 to 14 Men’s sizes (36 to 50 Euro)
  • MSRP: $249.95

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Photography by Jon Beck and Alpinestars