2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES | Preview

2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES

2014 Yamaha FJR 1300 ES

For 2013, Yamaha seriously upgraded its FJR1300 sport tourer, adding many electronically updates –  ride-by-wire, traction control, two power modes and updated cruise control.

Besides those enhancements, the FJR also received updates to the suspension, new liner-free cylinders in its powerplant, different exhaust-pipe lengths for more optimal power, and a redesigned fairing, to name a few.

The shaft-drive FJR impressed Yamaha’s sport-touring crowd, but for 2014, there’s even more to impress with the all-new FJR1300ES, which features electronically adjustable suspension.

The standard FJR1300A is still available for $15,890, but many will likely spend the extra $1,000 for the ES version. The suspension features four preload and nine damping options. Also, the 2014 FJR1300ES borrowed some technology from Yamaha’s flagship sportbike, the YZF-R1 – a compression damper in one leg and a rebound damper in the other for precise and easy adjustments.

Powering the FJR1300ES is the same liquid-cooled, inline-four DOHC 16-Valve 1298cc powerplant. The FJR1300ES features two power modes, and arrives standard with traction control and cruise control.

And also like the standard FJR, the ES version arrives standard with ABS and linked brakes for optimal stopping power.

The 2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES arrives in once color – Candy Red – and carries an MSRP of $16,890.

Following are the features and specs for the 2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES:

2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES Electronic Suspension Features:

New for 2014:

  • An electronically adjustable suspension has been adopted that adjusts it to fit different riding conditions and bring greater convenience to touring. This system provides a choice of four settings for preload, including “One Up,” “One Up with Luggage,” “Two Up,” and “Two Up with Luggage,” adding a choice of “Soft,” “Standard” and “Hard” for damping force adjustment for each setting. In addition, this damping force can be fine tuned three positions firmer or softer from standard within each “Soft”, “Standard” and “Hard” setting.
  • This electronically adjustable suspension function adjusts the damping force of the front suspension and the preload and damping force of the rear suspension in a comprehensive way that maintains proper balance between the two suspensions. The adjustments can be performed quickly with the handlebarmounted switch and then confirmed on the instrument panel display.
  • In order to make this electronically adjustable suspension function possible, upside-down front forks with independent right and left damper mechanisms is adopted. In this independent right and left damper design, the compression stroke damping force is generated in the left fork and the rebound stroke damping force is generated in the right fork, just like the suspension proven on the YZF-R1.

2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES Key Highlights:

  • The FJR1300ES features an all-new electronically adjustable suspension to take the bother out of adjusting the suspensions to fit different riding conditions and bring greater convenience to touring.
  • The new 2014 FJR1300ES offers the same aggressive styling features, including the headlight cowl and side fairing as the FJR1300A. The flexible side panels are not only great looking, they also adjust to help improve comfort and aid in weather protection.
  • FJR1300ES riders can select D-mode (Drive-mode) for varying mappings, giving the motorcycle exceptional versatility. This works in conjunction with YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) generating engine character that can be sportier or more relaxed depending on the riding situations.
  • Traction control developed from MotoGP technology is standard on the FJR1300ES. While engaged, the system detects wheel spin and adjusts ignition timing, fuel injection volume, and throttle valve opening to help maintain traction, unlike some competitors who’s system only cuts ignition creating a hard cut-out feeling. The system is designed to let the operator ride on roads that have limited traction with more confidence.
  • Another popular feature standard on the FJR1300ES is cruise control. Riders can set cruising speed with the push of a button on the left handlebar to provide comfort and ease on extended road trips.
  • A three-part instrument panel provides riders with all the information they need while enjoying the road. Riders can easily customize the display to show the information they want.
  • The front brake lever activates six of the eight front braking pistons; the rear brake pedal activates two rear pistons and the other two front pistons — provides balanced anti-lock braking in all conditions.
  • A pushbutton-adjustable windscreen and a thick comfy seat for two are perfect for comfortable, long-distance riding and come standard on the FJR1300ES.
  • Additional features on the 2014 FJR1300ES include a two-position adjustable rider seat, low for shorter riders or nearly 1-inch higher for a more spacious feel for taller riders, plus handlebars that can be adjusted to one of three different positions. The result is a superb, custom-fit ride.

2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES Features:


  • Compact, lightweight 1298cc, DOHC, 16-valve, liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine delivers power and torque for an unequaled spread of muscle over a wide rpm range.
  • Slant-block engine design uses stacked, tri-axis gearbox shafts that help minimize powerplant size while optimizing chassis geometry for balanced weight distribution and great handling.
  • Lightweight forged pistons with carburized connecting rods provide superb strength and reduced reciprocating mass for outstanding durability and performance throughout the whole rpm range.
  • Advanced fuel injection system is ideal for long-distance super sport touring, delivering crisp, seamless throttle response in a variety of altitude/weather conditions.
  • Low-vibration crankshaft with two gear-driven secondary counterbalancers help deliver an extra-smooth ride with reduced rider/passenger fatigue.
  • Four-into-one-into-two stainless-steel exhaust optimizes engine performance across the powerband.


  • Sharp-looking bodywork and air-management system keep the bike and rider cooler; a central vent beneath the instrument panel cools the rider and reduces negative pressure for less buffeting, and fairing side panels with tool-less adjustability let the rider direct airflow.
  • Long swingarm provides excellent ride and handling characteristics.
  • Standard equipment Unified Braking System with ABS: The front brake lever activates six of the eight front braking pistons; the rear brake pedal activates two rear pistons and the other two front pistons — provides balanced anti-lock braking in all conditions.
  • Ergonomically shaped, large-capacity, 6.6-gallon fuel tank offers excellent comfort and range and is constructed of steel allowing for the use of magnetic tank bags.
  • Rear frame with integrated grab handle makes lifting the bike onto the centerstand a snap.
  • Additional Features:
  • Dual catalyzers and an O2 sensor are located in the exhaust for excellent fuel injection control range and low emissions.
  • Heated grips come standard on the FJR1300ES and offer riders even more convenience.
  • Subframe-fitted quick-release luggage mounts provide easy use of the standard accessory hard side cases, which are conveniently matched to the ignition key.
  • Slim profile even with bags in place for excellent in-town maneuverability.
  • Suede-look dual seat features two-part construction using different foam densities for the front and rear sections, ensuring plush comfort for both rider and passenger.
  • Windscreen adjusts over a wide range for improved wind protection with little negative pressure and the adjustable speed is now twice as fast, and the screen holds its position when the key is turned off.
  • Sharp, “two-eyed” headlights with daytime LED running lights add to visibility and modern styling, and feature easy-access adjustment knobs so the rider can adjust the lights up or down.
  • Glove box contains a 12V outlet for phones, GPS units, electric vests, etc.
  • Standard tool kit located in convenient storage compartment under passenger seat.
  • LED front turn signals/position lights give the FJR1300ES the modern, high-tech look sport touring riders want.

2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES Specs:


  • Type: 1298cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder; DOHC, 16 valves
  • Bore x Stroke: 79.0 x 66.2mm
  • Compression Ratio: 10.8:1
  • Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injection
  • Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
  • Transmission: 5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
  • Final Drive: Shaft


  • Suspension Front: 43mm upside down forks with electronic adjustment; 5.3-in travel
  • Suspension Rear: Single shock; electronically adjustable suspension: 4.9-in travel
  • Brakes Front: Dual 320mm disc, UBS ABS
  • Brake Rear: 282mm disc, UBS ABS
  • Tire Front: 120/70-ZR17 radial
  • Tire Rear: 180/55-ZR17 radial


  • Length: 87.8 in
  • Width: 29.5 in
  • Height: 52.2 or 57.3 in
  • Seat Height: 31.7 or 32.5 in
  • Wheelbase: 60.8 in
  • Ground Clearance: 4.9 in
  • Rake (Caster Angle): 26°
  • Trail: 4.3 in
  • Fuel Capacity: 6.6 gal
  • Fuel Economy: 36 mpg
  • Wet Weight: 644 lb.