Aeromoto Sport Air Leather Motorcycle Jacket | Review

Aeromoto Sport Air Leather Motorcycle Jacket Test

A new company with a mission to make leather jackets affordable to a wider array of riders, Aeromoto is off to an excellent start with its $200 Sport Air Leather Motorcycle Jacket. Using perforation to cool the rider on hot days, as well as a thin, lightweight washable quilted vest that zips in for cooler rides.

Using 1.2mm cowhide in the body and 1.4mm leather for the impact areas, the Aeromoto Sport Air jacket is definitely a bit stiff when new, even with the perforation in the body and arms. Some jackets are designed to be soft and supple on day one, and others require a break-in period—the Sport Air fits into the latter category. Fortunately, I found the fit to be good out of the box, so breaking it in wasn’t much of a chore. Once broken in, it will conform nicely to your particular body shape.

The styling on this Aeromoto Sport Air jacket is understated, which will appeal to those uninterested in sporting logos. The red stripes on the version we tested provided a nice contrast to the basic black of the rest of the jacket. For riders who prefer all-black, that is available, as well as a jacket with silver stripes replacing the red (which will go with any color bike). I wore the Sport Air on a variety of bikes, from cruisers to sport bikes, and its subtle styling travels well between genres.

I didn’t crash test the jacket, but the stitching, YKK zippers, and leather all feel heavy-duty. CE-approved armor is found in the shoulders and elbows, and a 10mm foam pad for your back (all of which can be taken out or upgraded, at your discretion). The armor was non-obtrusive, which is how it should be, and other non-armor padding provides additional impact protection to go with the leather’s inherent protection from abrasion. The leather and neoprene collar is definitely comfortable.

The Aeromoto Sport Air’s two exterior pockets are non-vented, so you can warm your hands if necessary at a stop. Inside, there are two stacked pockets on the left side. I liked the zippered pocket for my wallet, but the phone slot isn’t deep enough. With my iPhone 5S in it, the top sticks out and it doesn’t feel like a secure place to carry such a device. Wider and larger phones probably won’t fit at all.

The perforated leather was comfortable for rides up to about 90 degrees. It started getting a bit warm in the 90s, and when it gets over 100, you’ll be looking for a mesh textile jacket. Still, being able to wear the Sport Air as high as 90 degrees is pretty good for a leather jacket, and a huge improvement from a non-perforated jacket.

Aeromoto also offers matching pants, which can be zipped to the jacket for added safety. A nice feature is that there are two zippers for mating to pants, so you don’t have to feel obligated to buy the Aeromoto pants to access that feature.

For $200, the Aeromoto Sport Air Leather Motorcycle Jacket is unquestionably a bargain. You won’t mistake it for a fully premium leather jacket, but no one will guess how much you paid. It’s a versatile jacket that works in temperatures from about 50 to 100, and that will take care of most riding seasons. Impressive.

Action photography by Kelly Callan


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