Fly Racing Trekker | Adventure Motorcycle Helmet Test

Fly Racing Trekker | Adventure and Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet Test

Fly Racing’s Trekker is an impressive dual sport helmet with excellent bang for the buck pricing. The Trekker is a stylish, versatile helmet perfect for dual sport and adventure touring and offers the comfort of riding with or without goggles. At $140, this crossover design helmet’s exterior exhibits an aggressive angular geometry that is certain to turn some heads.

I normally wear an XL helmet, but opted for the Trekker’s 2XL sizing (the largest available). Even with the XXL, I found the fit to be pretty snug, especially the cheek pad, but quite comfortable; of course, fit is always a personal issue with helmet. I suggest that you try it on for proper fit prior to purchase and, if unable, it might be wise to order one size larger than normal.

The liner and cheek pads are revable for washing, and conveniently held in with snaps. Between the shell and the comfort liner is a dual-density EPS liner that is designed to provide progressive impact absorption. I did not test the crash worthiness of the Trekker, fortunately.

Sound from around the bottom of helmet is pleasantly low, regardless of riding speed on my Honda XR650L. Despite the excellent noise control, the Trekker does a great job with ventilation. The noise from the vents is minimal regardless of whether or not the adjustable vents are in the open or closed position. My sunglasses fit in the Fly Trekker with no problems once I went up to the XXL size. The face shield can be adjusted to various detents with my riding gloves on, which is convenient when underway on street or pavement.

The Trekker was lighter, as I expected from a polycarbonate shell. The snug fit helps to ensure excellent stability and balance, and the aerodynamic design is effective, evidenced by a noticeable lack of force at higher wind speeds. Fly did a great job with the peak design, allowing for air to flow through the gap between the visor and top of the helmet.

I’ll rate the Trekker a 9 out of 10—the styling is fantastic, venting more than adequate, and its very light. The Fly Racing Trekker helmet is certain to be a favorite for many dual sport riders as it outperforms expectations a rider may have due to its price.

Location photograph by Jon Shade


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