Metzeler Releases 190/55 ZR17 Roadtec Z8 For Large Sport Tourers

Metzeler Releases 190/55 ZR17 Roadtec Z8 For Large Sport Tourers

Metzeler Roadtex Z8

In effort to bring its RoadTec Z8 Interact motorcycle tire to a wider market, Metzeler has released a 190/55 ZR 17 sizer for larger sport touring motorcycles.

The new two-plies, rear version is dual compound featuring a high silica content in the central stripe and 100-percent silica on shoulders, it has a new profile specifically developed to perform on heavy sport-touring bikes such as BMW K 1600 GT and GTL, Honda VFR1200F and Triumph Trophy.

The RoadTec Z8 boasts an excellent performance in the wet in line with other M/O specifications which has allowed this product to become an unrivaled leader in the segment for use on wet roads. Not only that, with respect to the190/55 ZR 17 specific (C) already on the market, the new version (O) provides a higher mileage of 30 percent.

The rear tire compound is a dual compound solution with a 40-20-40 layout over the profile. The compound for the central section is about 45 millimeters wide (with slight differences between the sizes) and has a high Silica content, specifically developed to optimize mileage and stability even at high speeds. The shoulder compound, on the other hand, runs to about 88 millimeters of the profile on each side and has 100-percent Silica which significantly increases grip on wet surfaces and reduces slipping in any conditions.

Metzeler engineers had to work on the compounds to reach a high chemical grip on the shoulder of the rear tire, while still maintaining a central area more focused on mileage and stability. With this configuration, the Interact™ structure provides incredible advantage, making the combination of two extremely different compounds keeping a progressive behavior.

The result of their work is truly revolutionary, achieved by combining the latest generation of silicon compounds with a high performance synthetic polymer and various types of resin and plasticizer agents.

The compound of this tire is able to provide an excellent chemical grip on wet with the widest possible range of operating temperatures, going from 0° to over 35°. In this air temperature range the tire is immediately ready to provide top performance.

As for the structure of the Roadtec Z8 Interact, it already boasts the renowned Interact™ technology, but with a variable tension of the 0 degree steel belt in order to give progressivity to the behavior of the tire at different angles of use.

Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact is the safest tire on wet. In 2012 the German Motorrad TestCenter agency certifies this with a test comparing the Metzeler product to its direct competitors. Performance and braking of motorcycle tires on wet surfaces have become increasingly important features in tire selection, particularly in those countries where sudden weather changes can occur at any time and bikers need a high level of safety and Roadtec Z8 Interact precisely meet these needs.

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