Öhlins Launches Paper-Cut Free Product Webzines

Öhlins Launches Paper-Cut Free Product WebzinesThe Three-Part Story of Öhlins on the Web and App-Like Thing: No Paper Cuts

For free, at home, at work, or at the café, immediately today, you can view the all-new, beautifully produced, product webzines from Öhlins Racing AB, each showcasing a particular line of suspension: MC Street, Motorsport (Auto), and Road & Track Automotive. They’re informative, entertaining, full color, and in hi-fidelity.

Each of these three Öhlins publications is handsomely designed, and tells the story of Öhlins from its founding by Kenth Öhlin in 1976, up through today’s latest Mechatronic and technical innovations. These ‘zines are displayed in a classic, faux, page-turning and lavish format, just like that paper stuff you used to hold in your hands.

To access these publications, visit Ohlinsusa.com. On the top menu bar, click “Catalogues.” The page will open showing the cover of each catalogue; click on the one desired.

In the online versions, paging and enlarging or reducing is accomplished with one simple click each. To access the mobile versions, find the ‘zines on your device just as above; the difference then  is in page turning and sizing, which, like most smart phone graphics, are accomplished by thumbs flipping or parting.

These handsome publications are not fitment guides, with listings of part numbers, but are created with the enthusiast in mind, showing off Öhlins brand, its laurels, its history, and its culture and future. Öhlins has learned that many auto enthusiasts don’t know of its extensive history of winning at every level of racing, staring with MX, and many performance enthusiasts don’t know that Öhlins now has trend-setting suspension for American-made Baggers. The MC Street publication covers all of our street products from the twin-tube TTX technology for hypersports bikes and BMWs, to the single-tube twin shocks for V-twins and classic bikes.

For auto enthusiasts, the Motorsports book gives an overview of Öhlins successes in prototype racing, Grand Prix, open-wheel series around the world, and oval racing from pavement to dirt track. The Road & Track Automotive ‘zine features Öhlins latest applications for a growing number of performance autos, for every-day driving or weekend racing.

In addition to these publications are Öhlins USA’s new online dealer locator, and online fitment guide for motorcycles. Each of these can also be found at the top menu bar. To find the dealer closest to wherever you want a dealer to be closest to, just type in a zip code and hit find. On the fitment page just type in your motorcycle’s Make, Model , and Year, and all applicable Öhlins products will be listed.

Öhlins USA distributes and services the world’s leading performance suspension components for automobiles, motorcycles, and ATVs. Öhlins develops its proprietary and trend-setting suspension components, steering dampers and oils, at the highest levels of racing from open-wheel car racing, to Moto GP, to off-road competition on two and four wheels. Öhlins USA also provides training for service centers and dealers. Öhlins USA can be contacted at: 828-692-4525, or at Ohlinsusa.com.