Suzuka Upgrades Motorcycle Tire Warmers

Suzuka Motorcycle Tire Warmers
Suzuka Motorcycle Tire Warmers
Suzuka Motorcycle Tire Warmers

Suzuka Tire Warmers

Suzuka Professional Racing Products has recently upgraded its line of motorcycle tire warmers. Targeting track-day enthusiasts and club racers on privateer budgets, they match high-end features with low-end prices.

Available in single- and dual-temperature versions, Suzuka’s revamped warmers now have patented DuPont Nomex liners which are melt-proof and impregnated with a temperature-sensitive dye that lets users ensure they’re properly installed and operating efficiently.

New Felted Carbon insulation in each warmer retains more heat than that of competing products, assisting in evenly spreading the heat and accurately attaining hot tire pressure. When combined, this Nomex liner and Carbon insulation allow the warmers to be thinner and more rugged.

A simple flick of a switch toggles between low and high settings on the dual-temp models. The low position helps prolong tire life by keeping them at 135 degrees in the downtime between track sessions, limiting the number of heat cycles they endure. This also allows them to more efficiently heat soft compounds and rain tires.

Confidence-inspiring traction is another flick of the switch away as the warmers bring tires back up to an optimal 175 degrees. Completing this heating process in the pits, instead of on-track, helps limit the possibility of cold-tire-induced crashes, letting riders do more complete laps at full-speed in each practice session.

Both versions now have dual-stage operation lights that glow red during the heating process and green when tires are at temperature. The warmers are easy to install and remove using Velcro tabs and are secured by bungee cords on each side.

Suzuka Professional Racing Products is a division of Chicken Hawk Racing, Inc., which designs, manufactures, sells and services its industry-leading tire warmers and related products which are made in the U.S.A. with American materials.

For more information on Suzuka tire warmers and related products, log on to or call 866-HOT-TIRE (866-468-8473).


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