Harley-Davidson World Ride Achieves More than 10 Million Miles
Harley-Davidson World Ride Achieves More than 10 Million Miles

2013 Harley-Davidson World Ride Recap

In 2008,the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) began the Harley-Davidson World Ride, which collectively documents the miles riders from across the globe travel during a set period of time.n And each year, the total distance traveled progressed.

Last year, participants logged 7,799,140 miles, which became a new H-D World Ride record. But 2013’s World Ride, which ran June 23 and 24, shattered the 2012 record by 28 percent. During this year’s Harley-Davidson World Ride, more than 10 million miles were documented.

And the record number couldn’t have arrived in a better year: The Motor Company celebrates its 110th anniversary this year, along with the H.O.G. partying for its 30th anniversary.

Harley reports that in this year’s World Ride, a total of 10,018,231 miles were logged in solo, large and small groups, and a variety of dealer-led, worldwide events. The United States led the miles by a long shot ahead of Brazil.

Ken Knuteson (Director of the Harley Owners Group) says: “Harley-Davidson riders are universally united by a special bond that celebrates freedom, independence and self-expression, and the incredible participation in the World Ride this year proves that there is no better way to experience those themes than by riding a motorcycle.

“Riding 10 million miles in two days is an impressive statistic, but this accomplishment truly represents the passion we share as a global family of riders.”

Riders from 65 countries participated in this year’s World Ride, with these five countries posting the highest totals:

  • United States: 4,507,025
  • Brazil: 1,409,098
  • Mexico: 1,022,319
  • India: 983,431
  • Spain: 352,815

Every mile ridden by participants in this year’s Harley-Davidson World Ride was logged by the online mileage accumulator at h-d.com/worldride, where a rolling odometer recorded the collective distance traveled by all participants in the World Ride in real time as entries were added.
Each participant was able to download a commemorative certificate of participation with his or her mileage total for the day.

For more information about the Harley Owners Group, visit hog.com.