uglyBROS Vincent-2 Moto Blazer | Review

uglyBROS Vincent-2 Moto Blazer

uglyBROS Vincent-2 Motorcycle Jacket Test

Talk about a cool jacket. The uglyBROS Vincent-2 moto blazer has to be one of the coolest motorcycle jackets I’ve ever owned.

If you happened to read my previous article on their Featherbed moto pant, you already know that uglyBROS, which was founded in 2004 and based in Korea, creates stylish casual riding gear mixed with safety and technology.

There is definitely a sense of fashion with uglyBROS gear and that makes the Vincent-2 jacket perfect for my evening jaunts to meet friends for dinner or to see a local show.  I know I’ll be protected on my ride there and arrive fashionably.

The Vincent-2 jacket is made from a coated fabric that looks like leather.  While I’m not exactly sure what the exact material is, I can say that it looks good and from what I can see it’s wearing in/forming nicely to by body.

The Vincent-2 arrives with European standard CE-certified protectors for the shoulders and elbows, as well as hidden shirring panels on the back and elbows to allow for greater movement. There is also an adjustable sleeve zipper that makes it easier to get in and out of the jacket.

In regards to warmth the jacket has a padded zip in vest, but I have not had to use it. From what I can tell here in Southern California, the jacket is perfect for spring/summer riding, but if starts to get real nippy you may want to get a heated liner for some extra warmth.

The uglyBROS Vincent-2 jacket has two side flap pockets that do not button or zip.  They seem to be designed for easy access and are deep enough that I don’t worry about my phone or other items falling out while riding.

For those who want to put their mind more at ease in regards to their pocket cargo there is a chest zip pocket perfect for storing valuables.  There is also a standard angled slit interior breast pocket.

All together I love the jacket and have gotten many positive comments.  My neighbor has even told me he was jealous of the jacket because it looked so good and I got it before him. If you are in the market for some good-looking riding gear, take a look at the uglyBROS website and see what you can find.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

uglyBROS Vince-2 Moto Blazer:

  • Sizing: M-XL (XL=6’2 – 185 lbs, Athletic Build)
  • Price: $442

For additional information, visit uglyBROS.