Road 2 Smoke Out Film Launches on Indiegogo
Road 2 Smoke Out Film Launches on Indiegogo

Road 2 Smoke Out Film

Love Choppers? Love Movies? The Smoke Out 14 Rally team has your perfect combination in the ROAD 2 SMOKE OUT Film.

The team is working with Indiegogo to secure the funds to complete the Road 2 Smoke Out film, which follows the adventures of guys and gals that create garage-built bikes and run them to their annual chopper party in Rockingham, NC on June 20, 2013.

This garage-built film features those bloody knuckle guys like Fabricator Kevin, Roadside Marty, Bean’re, the Brew Dude and artists like Tony Squindo and Mike Lichter. The film captures the music from hard rocking Big House Pete, Rebel Son and Cutthroat Shamrock.

The ROAD 2 SMOKE OUT is a new film from Zack Coffman, Producer of Choppertown and Greg “Edge” Scheuer, the Smoke Out Rally’s Producer.

Greg “Edge” Scheuer says: “We sought out Zack because of his success with his film Choppertown – the motorcycle documentary about the renowned hot rod and motorcycle club, the Sinners. He knows music, choppers and what it takes to live in the lifestyle.”

The Smoke Out 14 Rally team is working to raise $13,500 from the motorcycle community by May 31, 2013 and will use the money for DVD duplication, cover art and travel.

To learn more or to donate to ROAD 2 SMOKE OUT Film’s Indiegogo campaign then click here. All contributions are used to keep the chopper lifestyle burning bright.