MV Agusta Offers ABS on F4 Superbike Lineup

MV Agusta F4RR
MV Agusta F4
MV Agusta F4RR

MV Agusta Motorcycle ABS

In early February, MV Agusta reported that its four-cylinder naked sportbike lineup of Brutale 1090s was offered with ABS.

And now, other bikes in Varese-based motorcycle manufacturer’s lineup are getting the same ABS treatment, including MVA’s entire line of F4s (F4, F4R, F4RR).

MV Agusta F4 ABS
MV Agusta F4RR ABS

The lightweight ABS system features a Bosch 9mPlus control unit, and two operating modes that are selected on the handlebar – normal mode and race mode.

MV Agusta says normal model ensures the system’s effective intervention at all times, and race mode limits the system’s intervention to the minimum indispensable, which is ideal for use on the track. And like the Brutale models, the ABS system can be completely disengaged if desired.

Speaking of the technical side of the new ABS offered on the F4 lineup, MV Agusta says “The unit contains pressure sensors that interface with the two phonic wheels, one per wheel. The main objective is naturally to reduce the braking distance upon wet, damp or otherwise low-traction surfaces.

“In addition to preventing the dangerous locking of the wheels, thanks to the control unit’s sophisticated algorithms, the MV Agusta ABS system also prevents the relative deceleration from causing the rear wheel to lose contact with the asphalt, thus impeding the motorcycle from tipping forward. This situation – which is not uncommon on sports motorcycles equipped with extremely powerful braking systems – is prevented by the Bosch 9MPlus control unit, which implements the appropriate countermeasures whenever the rear wheel loses contact with the asphalt.”

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