Corbin Releases Smuggler Trunk for Victory Vision

Corbin Smuggler Trunk on Victory Vision

Corbin Smuggler Trunk for 2007 – 2013 Victory Vision

If you tour solo or commute on the big Victory motorcycle, you’ll love this Smuggler Trunk – it radically changes the look of your bike.  It’s artfully designed and color matched to your paint to give a totally integrated look while adding convenient storage. In fact, the Smuggler trunk provides enough space that most of your daily essentials will be right at hand without using the side bags.

Smuggler provides a very clean look and gives excellent rider comfort up front. Pop open the door and you have access to over 15 liters of locking storage. Use Smuggler for just about anything you want secure and easy access to and items like iPads and Netbooks for work. You’ll find the Smuggler so convenient that it will quickly become your primary storage.

Slick details like the center vee pick up the specific details of the bike and lend a bit more flair. Corbin’s patented molding process and exclusive materials create a part with very minimal variation from piece to piece. This allows the “wizards” the ability to design a very close fit to the bodywork. Smuggler is then hand-finished and custom painted with quality materials from companies like PPG and House of Kolor (varies by color selected).

Up front, the enhanced ergonomics create a perch that provides long range comfort. Corbin’s Wizards are masters at combining form and function into a saddle that makes you as happy to look at as it does to ride on. For those chilly morning rides, the Corbin seat has optional electric heat that operates with a conveniently located switch on the left side.

Installation is simple and it wires directly to the stock Victory wiring. 

The bucket is dished to emulate the shape of your body and along with the Smuggler bump pad, provides eight inches of vertical back support. This gives excellent comfort for longer range. Neutralized seating helps to curb sliding in the saddle which greatly reduces rider fatigue.

Corbin includes your choice of color options for looks from outrageous to stealthy. 

Smuggler comes fully lined to help protect your cargo and cushion some of the road noise. Naturally, the door opening is fully weather stripped to guard against foul weather as well. Locking door keeps things secure and simple to access. Front saddle and Smuggler install on the bike as one-piece with a Corbin designed latch system. All required brackets included.

The Corbin Smuggler Trunk retails $877 or $987 with heat. For additional information, call 1-800-538-7035 or visit


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