Six Months to International Six Days Enduro | Management Interview

FIM President Paolo Sesti Chief of Enduro Franco Gualdi
FIM President Paolo Sesti Chief of Enduro Franco Gualdi
FIM President Paolo Sesti Chief of Enduro Franco Gualdi

2013 International Six Days Enduro

The 2013 FIM Six Days Enduro will get underway Sept. 30 in Gallura, which is located in Northern Sardinia, Italy.

The 2013 Sardegna ISDE will be loaded with celebrations considering it will be the event’s 100th anniversary. With six months to go, the Official Press of ISDE sat down for a quick chat with FIM President Paolo Sesti and the FIM’s Chief of Enduro Committee and ISDE 2013, Franco Gualdi.

ISDE: Six months to start, how about the organization? And the route?

Sesti: “The organization is going ahead follow the plan. The route is basically done. The technician team has worked harder to “close” the route, because every day they had new ideas. At the end they just said: ‘It’s OK, stop!’ I want to congratulate them for the hard work.”

Gualdi: “We got the track. We have decided 8 special test on 9. Technically, Six Days it’s a hard race, but this edition will be hard enough for all well trained riders. Time check will be almost every 50 km, we’re gonna have a 6-7 hours race.”

ISDE: This event will be a hard organization challenge for FMI. How many people are involved?

Sesti: “We have two groups work together, one for the technical and sport aspects, instead the other one is focused on deals with companies and local authorities. During the event we’ll have a staff of almost 300 people.

ISDE: Let’s speak about the future. Looking at the good start of the italian riders at the Enduro World Championship, can this year be the right one to bring the trophy back to Italy?”

Sesti: “It would be the best reward for our hard work, and the best gift riders could give to Italian supporters.”

Gualdi: “It would be amazing, we know it will be very difficult but we’ll do everything to win and in this the home fans will help us a lot.”