Hyperpro Shocks Now Custom-Built by U.S. Distributor EPM

Hyperpro Shocks

EPM Performance Imports, a high-end suspension service facility and the exclusive U.S. distributor of Hyperpro Suspension Technology’s line of shocks, fork springs and steering dampers, is now custom-building all of the Dutch company’s shocks that are sold in America.

There’s no such thing as “off-the shelf” with Hyperpro shocks because each is built with spring rates and damping specs for each rider based on an equation that considers their motorcycle, riding style and weight.

In fact, these high-tech shocks never hit the shelves. Instead, they hit technicians’ workbenches for precise assembly from the Dutch company’s suspension components, most of which are designed and manufactured at its 20,000 square-foot facility.

Next, they are tested on a shock dyno. For spot-on consistency from Europe to America and to ensure high quality standards, their dyno curves are compared and fine-tuned to match those developed and built by Hyperpro’s European suspension engineers. “Good enough” is never good enough for EPM’s technical staff.

Records of these customized settings and each shock’s serial number are kept on file by EPM to enable quick, precise customer-service assessment and field recommendations. To complete the suspension package, many shocks are matched with Hyperpro’s progressive fork springs and fluid, then complemented by the company’s wide selection of steering dampers.

The final step is shipping, not shelving. Turnaround time ranges from 24-hour, next-day rush service to a normal lead time of just 10 days from order to delivery of these fully dialed-in shocks, as well as Hyperpro Suspension Technology springs, oil and dampers from EPM’s vast inventory.

Founded in 1997 and based in Englishtown, New Jersey, EPM’s mission is to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with accurately prepared shocks at reasonable prices in the shortest time possible with excellent after-sale support. Its comprehensive suspension shop also refreshes, revalves and rebuilds OEM and other aftermarket shocks, performs on-site suspension service and set-up, in addition to building one-off dampers for custom bikes.

More information about EPM Performance Imports and Hyperpro products can be found at EPMPerf.com, by emailing Info@EPMPerf.com or calling 732-786-9777 for sales, service and technical support. Additional company-related news can be found on EPM’s Facebook page and Twitter postings.