Yoshimura Suzuki's Martin Cardenas
Yoshimura Suzuki’s Martin Cardenas

AMA Pro Road Racing Contingency

Arai Helmets has posted nearly $125,000 in contingency awards for all sponsored Arai racers for the 2013 AMA Pro Road Racing and dirt track season.

Brian M. Weston (Managing Director, Arai Helmet America) says: “We haven’t always talked about our contingency programs. It was just supporting the sport and the racers as we’ve done for so many years. But with so many companies publishing their programs, we wanted to reiterate Arai’s level of participation. Simply put, we want our racers to know we love ‘em.”

To be eligible, a racer must race in a DOT/Snell M2010-certified Arai helmet, and display Arai logos on both sides of the bodywork or fairing and on the leathers. It is not necessary to register with Arai; simply send Arai an invoice with the official podium position, event, and series after a race weekend. For details, or to send information, contact: racing@AraiAmericas.com.

The Arai 2013 Contingency Award Program:

SuperBike per round: 1st place: $1,500; 2nd place: $1,000; 3rd place: $750
Championship: $10,000. SuperBike total: $55,500

Daytona SportBike per round: 1st place: $1,000; 2nd place: $750; 3rd place: $500
Championship: $10,000; Daytona SportBike total: $39,250

SuperSport per round: 1st place: $300; 2nd place: $200; 3rd place: $100
SuperSport total: $8,400

Flat Track Expert Singles per round: 1st place: $300; 2nd place: $200; 3rd place: $100
Championship: $1,500; Flat Track Singles total: $3,900

Flat Track Expert Twins per round: 1st place: $500; 2nd place: $250; 3rd place: $100
Championship: $1,500; Flat Track Twins total: $10,000
GNC Championship overall: $5,000

Arai 2013 Contingency Grand Total :     $122,050

For additional information on Arai, visit araiamericas.com.