Dunlop: 2nd Generation American Elite Tires for Harley Tourers

Dunlop: 2nd Generation American Elite Tires for Harley TourersDunlop Harley-Davidson FL Tires

Here’s great news for Harley-Davidson FL Touring bike riders: Dunlop’s new, second-generation American Elite tires deliver even more mileage for greater all-around performance.

Designed with Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread technology, which provides a long-wearing center compound with lateral grip compounds on each edge, this second-generation American Elite helps provide Harley touring riders with more mileage to go along with the great grip and handling the American Elite is famous for.

The entire new line of American Elite tires—including the black sidewall, narrow white bar sidewall and wide white wall tires—are created with Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread technology in the rear to offer higher mileage. Now owners of 2009 and later Harley-Davidson FL touring bikes can choose the sidewall style that best suits their bike, and get longer tire wear than ever before.

Over the years, many Harley-Davidson riders found that the first-generation Dunlop American Elite served as a great alternative to the Dunlop D408F/D407 tires that came as standard equipment on the FL series machines.

The American Elite tires for 2009 and later FL bikes were first available in black sidewall versions with Multi-Tread technology. Now this second-generation American Elite with Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread™ technology not only ups the ante for high mileage in black sidewall versions, but also comes in a variety of cool new styles.

All this from a tire designed, tested and manufactured in America. True to its name, the American Elite is truly an elite tire, made to roam the far expanses of America.

For riders of Harley-Davidson FL Touring bikes, model year 2009 and later, the new second-generation American Elite tires with Multi-Tread are available in 130/80B17 and 180/65B16 black sidewall, 130/80B17 and 180/65B16 narrow white sidewall, 130/90B16 and 180/65B16 wide white sidewall, with the 130/70B18 front tire available for select CVO bikes.

For recent-model Softail owners, including models such as the Fat Boy, the MH90-21, 140/75R17 and 200/50R17 sizes of American Elite are also available.

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