AltRider Crash Bars for Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

AltRider Crash Bars for Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

Triumph Tiger Explorer Crash Bars

The Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 is a powerful addition to the fully sized ADV bike clan with superior handling and off-road ride ability that begs to be protected with the best stuff.

Instead of a quickly constructed part, AltRider has spent extra time on its crash bars to ensure perfect fitment and innovative design features to truly protect this 570 lbs. Adventure Tourer.

AltRider engineered its crash bars to be the largest in the market – 1.25” in diameter and made of stainless steel tubing to match the robust size of the bike while keeping the bar weight below 6.5 lbs. The AltRider design gives comprehensive protection to the clutch, starter, starter clutch assembly, and the stator.  Additionally, the bars are designed to hold the bike up and prevent further damage to the upper fairings, blinker shifts and brake levers. These bars are available in a shot peen silver finish or powder coated black on

Don’t let the simple look of the bars lead you to believe that it’s an easy construction. The AltRider design team examined the most critical structural locations to mount bars so they won’t bend at the flange in the event of an impact.

On the left side, the bar mounts between the kickstand mount and frame, one of the strongest points of the bike. The right side mount is achieved using the signature AltRider welded tube mount that integrates into the frame instead of the shaft of the mounting bolt (commonly found when using low tolerance manufacturing methods).

A cutting-edge feature of the AltRider crash bars for the Explorer is the hidden 4.75 inch hidden stash box. Completely waterproof, the gorgeous billet anodized aluminum caps with sealed O-rings will keep any of your belongings private and dry.

Even if you aren’t a wrench in the garage, installation is simple and estimated to take 30-45 minutes. AltRider has included T 40 and T 55 drivers in addition to Loctite, high quality fasteners and instructions in English – well thought out just like the product itself.

The AltRider crash bars for the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 are ready to be released at the end of March 2013, and you can pre-order a set at With the buzz of the Explorer rising, AltRider has plans to release more items for this bike in the coming year.


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