Flying Fish? No Problem for Touratech’s Zega Pro Top Case (Video)

Touratech Zega Pro Top Case System

Touratech’s 25L Zega Pro Top Case System can quickly transform your favorite motorcycle into an urban utility vehicle.

Quick stops in the city, creative parking, easy access, and running errands are made easier with a Zega Pro Top Case System – even if that trip involves a stop at the local fish market, as highlighted in the video above.

The ultimate urban accessory, Touratech’s 25L Zega Pro Top Case provides safe and secure storage on the tail of the motorcycle and features a lockable quick-release mount that allows the case to be attached to the back of the bike in just seconds.

Joe Lloyd (Producer, Curbsyde Productions) says: “This thing is built like a tank. The Touratech 25L top case is the best choice to store my most sensitive film equipment whether I’m buzzing around town, or riding the length of the Baja Peninsula.”

Precision crafted from lightweight and durable aluminum, the 25L Zega Pro Top Case sets the bar high with a quality build and clean finish. The hinges and latch are constructed from laser-cut stainless steel for maximum strength and durability.

Additionally, the cases can be equipped with a key lock for maximum security. The 25L Zega Pro Top case is available in a raw aluminum, anodized black or anodized silver finish.  Zega Pro top cases mount to a stainless steel top case rack, which is designed to bolt onto the specific model of motorcycle.

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