2013 Star Road Star Silverado S | Quick Ride Review

2013 Star Road Star Silverado S

2013 Star Road Star Silverado S Test

The Star Road Star Silverado S is a gorgeous cruiser that just happens to be equipped for long distance touring.

Exuding a quality normally reserved for custom machines, the liquid-deep paint and matching cases are complemented by a chromed front end and braided lines, an LED taillight, and clear turn signal lenses.

A stylish, tank-mounted speedometer provides the usual mileage and clock information, as well as a fuel gauge for the 4.8-gallon tank. Electronic aids are limited – there is no fuel consumption and range information or cruise control.

The stance is classic cruiser, too – long and sleek, with wide, low, handlebars and wrists angled down to what feels like almost waist height. The 16-inch cast wheels and fat tires give confidence-inspired handling and excellent grip.

First impression from the saddle is one of spacious elegance; there is room to spread out and be comfortable. A long 66.5-inch wheelbase and excellent suspension give a cushy ride and well-balanced handling, while stopping power is good from the dual front discs backed up by a single at the rear.

The Silverado S’s windshield is optically perfect and buffeting isn’t bad. The lockable hard bags are spacious, and they sensibly open outwards. Likewise, the rider’s seat has ample room, and the passenger seat is equipped with a backrest.

The big air-cooled pushrod V-twin reinforces the ride-into-the-sunset impression; this is a long-legged motor. Power is plentiful and produced early, so the long-stroke motor feels unhurried and unstressed.

When you need a turn of speed, the excellent fuel injection will deliver it instantly, accompanied by a pleasing sound from the staggered shotgun pipes that won’t become tiresome over long-distance.

Clutch pull is fairly light, and the heel-toe shifter works the gearbox smoothly through to the belt final drive. Vibration is pleasant and minimal – typical of a metric bike.

If you are looking for an image-conscious motorcycle that is also practical when the open road beckons, then the Star Road Star Silverado S awaits your call.