Touratech-USA Teases 2013 Rally in Pacific Northwest (Video)

Touratech-USA Teases 2013 Rally in Pacific Northwest (Video)2013 Touratech Rally & Expedition Portal’s Overland Rally Dates & Info

With the spring thaw about to get underway, many motorcyclists are planning their 2013 tours. And a large group of those riders are adventure tourist, the quickest growing segment in the world of two wheels.

One ADV trip that will highlight the summer of 2013 will the be Touratech Rally held in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike last year’s rally, which was held with RawHyde Adventures, the 2013 Touratech Rally will be held in conjunction with Expedition Portal’s Overland Rally.

Besides riding in the luscious landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, the rally will include camping, classes, GPS tracks, guided rides and endless enteratianment.

The event will begin in Plain, Wash., June 27 and continue through Sunday, une 30.

Registration for the 2013 Touratech Rally is just $75 and includes camping and classes as well as access to the Overland Rally.

For additional information, visit Touratech-USA.

Attached above are video highlights from the 2012 Touratech Pacific Northwest Rally.