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Back in June, Champion Trikes, through its sister company Champion Investments Inc., a South Dakota Corporation, had acquired Lehman Trikes USA. Both Lehman and Champion remain separate, but work closely to develop quality products.

By September, Lehman Trikes was in full operation in Spearfish, S.D., filling orders nationwide for  Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Victory trike conversions.

And now, Lehman Trikes is experiencing growth and expansion as it continues to develop new product, the company reports.

Terree Matson-McCoy (Vice President of Lehman Trikes) says: “We have been increasing staff since the purchase of the company in June and continue to increase our dealer network with trucks continually delivering trikes and picking up motorcycles for conversion.

“We are really excited about the progress of the company in such a short amount of time. Our trikes are known for their quality and styling and Lehman is dedicated to continuing this legacy.”

As for parent company Champion Trikes, it also continues to experience tremendous growth as well and has been recently researching innovative accessories for trikes.

Jim Pinto (Vice President of Champion Trikes) says: “We were the first to develop accessories such as the Original EZ Steer to enhance the ease and comfort of riding a Trike, Reverse Gear, and Disc Brakes for trikes and are currently in the beginning stages of development for an exciting new product to enhance the comfort for many trikers.”

Champion Trikes offers trike kits for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha as well as 74 different types of products.

Both Champion and Lehman are also making a breakthrough in the global market. Recently, strategic alliances were developed in key countries to give Champion a foot-hold in the lucrative International Trike market.

Jim Pinto says: “Both companies are already in the global market, but we have a fantastic opportunity to introduce our American-made trikes into a market that is also growing in the three-wheel segment.”

Champion has developed refinements and enhancements for the International Trike marketplace for 2013.

Craig Arrojo (CEO of Champions Investments) says: “The vastness of products available from both companies and the reputation each has as industry leaders has supported the sales growth.

“When Champion Investments purchased Lehman Trikes, we realized we were purchasing a strong leader. We are now sharing a combined 50 years of experience in this industry.”

While the companies will remain separate, they are working closely together to build upon current products and develop exciting new products that will enhance the trike riding experience.

For more information on Lehman Trikes and to locate a Lehman Trikes dealer, visit lehmantrikes.com or call 888-3WHEELS. For more information on Champion Trikes and to locate a Champion Trikes dealer, visit championtrikes.com or call 800-875-0949.


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