2013 Victory Cross Roads Classic | Quick Ride Review

Victory Cross Roads Classic Motorcycle Test

For many people, the retro-futuristic dresser styling of the Victory Vision Tour defines the Minnesota company’s long-distance aspirations, yet the Cross Roads Classic bagger may be the best of an impressive line.

Right off the bat, Victory hits a home run with the styling of the Cross Roads Classic. The bags and seat are studded, and chrome guards protect the front fender, motor cases, and bags from harm. Nicely valanced fenders keep the bike clean, and the two-tone paint impresses wherever it goes. Triple headlights and a tall touring windshield finish the job of wowing passersby.

For the motorcyclist, the Cross Roads Classic is fully satisfying. For Victory, it all starts with the Freedom 106/6 powerplant. Topping out at 106 ft/pounds of torque (one per cubic inch), the air-/oil-cooled SOHC/4vpc motor has no problem propelling the big bagger down the road; it’s even willing to rev.

While you can’t describe the motorcycle’s low end power as soft, the power delivery is fairly gentle off idle, making it easy to smoothly take off from a start on the Classic. Add a few rpm and the motor comes into its own and establishes its presence on the highway. Six well-spaced gear ratios make acceleration brisk, and with the wide spread of power, the right gear is always available. Oddly, the shifter is standard, not heel/toe.

Handling is rock solid, thanks to its two-piece cast aluminum frame and rigid mounting of the engine. Nothing knocks the 65.7-inch wheelbase chassis off its line, and the 29 degrees of rake give the Cross Roads Classic a solid feel in corners. This motorcycle is about setting a line and sticking to it.

Most importantly, however, on a touring mount is comfort, and this is a motorcycle that lets you relax and enjoy an all-day ride without a second thought. The protective windshield, perfectly placed large floorboards, and just-right bars are ergonomically perfect. The counterbalanced motor has a metric feel, and gently massages the rider down the road.

The Victory Cross Country Classic naturally looks the part of a retro bagger. Its modern handling, comfort, and power mean this handsome bike excels as a fine-riding touring motorcycle.


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