Adaptiv Farkle Fingers | Touch-Screen Ease for Motorcyclists

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Anyone who has tried to operate his touch screen mobile device with motorcycle gloves on knows that it is an exercise in futility. The screen does not recognize the non-conductive gloves, leaving it unresponsive.

Adaptiv Technologies has a simple and effective solution - Farkle Fingers. The package includes four sleeves that you put over your gloved index fingers and thumbs.

All you do is tightly slide the one-size-fits all Farkle Fingers over the glove fingers - the stretchy material is very thin - and you are set. Hard-core sport riders may not want anything between their gloves and the levers, but casual riders won't notice. Farkle Fingers stay in place, thanks to a gathered base.

When you touch your device's screen, it will react normally, though your sense of touch is diminished - make sure auto-correct is turned on. We tried Farkle Fingers with thin AGV Sport Mayhem gloves, as well as thick Tour Master Cold Tex winter gloves‚ and installation was instant in both cases. Adaptiv Farkle Fingers - an easy solution to an annoying digital inconvenience.

Adaptiv Farkle Fingers retail for around $22. For additional information, log onto Adaptiv Technologies.


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