BMW GS Trophy | France Takes Control on Day 2

2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Day 2 Results

Following a second-place finish on the opening day of the 2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy in Argentina, Team France showed its dominance on day 2.

During the second day of competition Tuesday at the third edition of the GS Trophy, Team France took the wins in both special tests – the first a white water rafting challenge (the first non-bike test in the 2012 event) and the second a muddy hill climb against the clock.

With its results, Team France has turned its two point deficit into a nine point advantage over the day-one victors -Team Latin America. Tied in third is Team UK and Team Italy.

Thibault David (Team France, BMW GS Trophy) says: “We are leading – c’est magnifique! We can’t say we practiced a great deal before this event, but we are passionate about riding our GS motorbikes. So for us this is just an adventure, we are very happy to be riding through this incredible scenery in the company of the riders from other nations. Yesterday we got to ride with Canada, today with the Italian team – we are enjoying forming these new friendships. To be leading as well, that’s just fantastic!”

The white water rafting test was a natural inclusion in this year’s event given this region is world renown for the quality and high grade of its white water rivers. The rafting also required international teamwork as it brought two teams together to paddle each raft. The GS Trophy riders certainly enjoyed the experience even if exiting their craft for an exciting solo race down the rapids! No one suffered more than a few knocks and bruises, but importantly the test helped to form more bonds between the teams.

Michael Trammer (GS Trophy organizer): “The friendships are growing day by day and the rafting was a good exercise for teamwork and team building. And so the second day of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012 was a big success in bringing the riders together and that’s what we want to continue, so by the end of the event we are all friends.”

Wednesday’s stage is the first marathon day, with the riders traveling more than 450km, with two-thirds off-road. It’ll be an earlier 6am wake up call for the bivouacked GS Trophy riders as a consequence; with the long distance and two special tests it’ll need a focused effort to make tomorrow night’s camp before dark.

Team USA and UK enjoy a swim

The white rafting turned very exciting for the matched teams of USA and UK. Hitting a rock in one rapids section their raft overturned and all six competitors found themselves riding the rapids in, not on, the water. Some clasped to rocks, some got swept completely through the rapids until they reached calmer waters. Exciting, to say the least.

Nick George (Team UK) says: “It was a bit of a surprise. We fell onto each other and then into the water, each getting dragged by the water literally to all corners, it was quite incredible, bouncing off rocks – we got a few cuts and bruises. But the guides were excellent, using the rafts of other teams to rescue us while others were saved by the canoeist outriders. There’s nothing like sharing an experience like that to get to know people – we’re a know Ryan, Carlo and Chad a lot better now!”

2012 BMW GS Trophy Overall standings after two days:

1. France 56 points

2. Latin America 47

=3. UK 46

=3. Italy 46

5. Alps 44

6. Canada 43

7. CEEU 40

=8. Argentina 38

=8. Germany 38

10. USA 26

11. South Africa 21

12. Russia 20

=13. Brazil 19

=13. Japan 19

15. Spain 12