Avon Storm 2 Ultra Tires | QuickShift Review


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My Triumph came stock with Michelins, and after 10,000 miles it was time for a new set. Instead taking the easy road and sticking with OEM rubber, I decided to explore Avon’s Storm 2 Ultra sport-touring tires.

After installation and break-in, my first serious test on the Storm 2 Ultras was a ride from coastal Los Angeles to desert Coachella, via the sky-piercing San Jacinto Mountains. Getting out of Los Angeles requires long stretches of open asphalt on any number of freeways – no problem for the multi-compound Super Rich Silica contact patch that offers more stability at higher speeds and less wear through the middle of the tire.

Avon uses a variable belt density of aramid fibers to satisfy both the sport and touring rider. The fibers are more closely bunched in the center of the tire, so you have a superior smooth ride with much less wear throughout the tire’s life.

Into the San Jacinto Mountains, south and east of Palm Springs, you will find twists and turns of various speeds as you make your way through pine forests – a perfect proving ground for the Storm 2 Ultras. The wider spacing of the aramid fibers on the shoulder of the tire gives the tires an increased footprint in the corners, and significantly improves the grip.

With just a little countersteering, I am able to drop into a turn, and feel like I have the same stability and control I do when riding upright down the highway. The Storm 2 Ultras respond to your lean angle intuitively and you feel as though plenty of rubber is gripping the road. Exiting a corner is equally rewarding and inspirational.

Avon’s Storm 2 Ultra tires give me the best of both worlds. I use my motorcycle to commute to work, and require a tire that will handle the wear and tear of daily use, as well as perform on weekend fun rides. Avon’s description of the Storm 2 Ultra sets high expectations; fortunately, the tires deliver, and more.

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