Style Saver Scarves | Motorcycle Helmet Essentials for Women

Style Saver Scarves | Motorcycle Helmet Essentials

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Anyone who wears a helmet can attest, it is hard on your ‘do, and everyone but Flo from Progressive Insurance looks disheveled when pulling off their lids. Style Saver Scarves, designed for women, takes the basic bandana-style headwear and does it one better.

Made from slippery satin that doesn’t pull on hair strands or steal moisture from your hair as cotton can, the Style Saver scarf preserves your hairstyle, while providing a cool layer between your head and helmet, and keeps hair products off your liner.

It takes just a few seconds to flip your hair from its natural part to the opposite side, slip on the Style Saver and tuck in any loose hairs. Your helmet will glide over the satin scarf easily. At the end of the ride, your helmet slides off smoothly, without pulling on hair or revealing a matted, damp mess. Is this how Flo does it?

Style Saver Scarves are priced at $20.


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