Pirelli Night Dragon Tires | QuickShift Review


Ultimate MotorCycling QuickShift Review

Getting a new pair of tires is just like getting a new pair of running shoes. They all feel really great until you have put some serious miles on them.

While sportbike riders may be satisfied with pure performance and short tire wear, even those of us who ride our cruisers hard demand good performance and long wear. The ability to deliver traction for an extended period is what defines superior long-distance sport tires.

My Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob has some light modifications, and I am in no way light on the throttle. The first 3000 miles I put on the Pirelli Night Dragon tires – designed for superior handling on Harleys – were done tearing up the canyons of the Santa Monica Mountain range, with an occasional day trip up to Central California.

The Night Dragons performed well in the mild winter conditions of Southern California. Once scuffed up, they were taken on an extended high-speed trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Las Vegas, and back to LA.

My first leg of the ride from LA to SF was uneventful, except for the 3 inches of rain that showered me while going up US 101 to San Fran. The Night Dragons performed amazingly at well over the speed limit, even during heavy rain and winds.

According to Pirelli, the front tread pattern is designed to cut a wedge through the water so the rear can track through on relatively dry pavement. It’s a great theory that was borne out in real life testing.

My 10-hour ride from the Bay Area to the land of slot machines really put the Night Dragons to the test, along with my nerves. At an unmentionable average speed, something we don’t recommend, the Night Dragons stood to the task better than expected.

The Pirellis were called on to handle some rain, ice on eastbound California Highway 58, a small amount of snow, a 25-degree increase in temperature when reaching the Mojave Desert, and 30+ mph gusts on Interstate 15.

My ride back to Los Angeles was comparatively uneventful, and the tires continued to hang in there, surviving to continue to serve my Street Bob.

Pirelli’s Night Dragon tires held up really well and, with just under 5000 miles on them, the tread looks amazingly deep. Would I outfit my bike with Night Dragon tires again? Without a pause, the answer is yes.

For additional information, log onto Pirelli’s website.