M1GP24 Hour Super Endurance Motorcycle Race

3rd Annual M1GP24 Recap

The 3rd Annual M1GP24 Hour Super Endurance Motorcycle Race, a full-fledged endurance race for mini-class bikes, was held over the weekend.

This year, three classes were included in the M1GP24: 50 stock (50cc 2 stroke), 100 Mod (100cc 4stroke) and 150 stock (150cc 4 stroke). All together, M1GP12 had 12 teams, 84 racers, one all-girls team, and one all-kids team.

Other teams were made up of racers from all over the country, and internationally from all different skill levels – former AMA SuperBike pros to current AMA racers (Javelin Broderick & Bryce Prince just to name a few), to WERA, M1GP, AFM and racers from other organizations.

This year the M1GP24 was officially a charity race; the event raised over $2,475 for Riders for Health (rider.org) – not including what was raised by teams who raised funds for charities individually.  

The race started at noon with the drum beats of traditional Japanese Taiko drums (performed by the UCLA Kyodo Taiko group – after all, all of the bikes racing are made in Japan).  Taiko drums were traditionally used before battle and there were great battles between teams for almost the entire duration of the race.

In the end, 10 out of the 12 teams finished with 2 teams dropping out due to mechanical issues.

M1GP24 Hour Endurance Motorcycle Race Results (Teams):

100 Mod. Class:
1st Place: Osprey (#7)
2nd Place: eXhausted racers (#213)
3rd Place: Solidarity Movement (#311)

50 Stock Class:
1st Place: The NextGeneracers (#22)
2nd Place: Wolf Pack (#69)
3rd Place: All Girls (#86)

The M1GP24 Hour Super Endurance Motorcycle Charity Race is held at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, Calf., every September and brings racers from all ages (10-to Adult) with various riding backgrounds to challenge a 24 hour race without having to go to France (Le Mans).   

Organizers of the event would like to thank sponsors and friends: LD Products, Dainese (D-Store Orange County), Araphoto.us and Kyodo Taiko.

For additional information, please visit m1gp24.com.

Photos by Ara Ashjian