2013 Husaberg Motorcycle Lineup | Video


2013 Husaberg Motorcycles

Husaberg, the only brand to solely focus on enduro motorcycles, has totally revamped its lineup for 2013, including the addition of the new FE-250.

Now the subsidiary of KTM North America offers seven models – four 4-strokes (new FE 250, FE 350, FE 450, FE 501) and three 2-strokes (TE 125, TE 250, TE 300).

Each 2013 model, highlighting above in a Husaberg official video, features a new swingarm, new bodywork, a new chromoly frame and a high-strength plastic subframe. The bikes also get the patented 4 chamber technology, closed cartridge forks by WP Suspension. Husaberg says the new user-friendly fork enables both the rebound and compression adjustments to be made at the upper end of the fork.

Following are quick blurbs of the 2013 Husaberg models:

4-stroke models:

FE 250: The newest addition to the Husaberg model range is the all new FE 250. The FE 250 is the first 250cc 4-stroke model from Husaberg. The FE 250 features a lightweight and compact power plant with a modern electronic fuel-injection. The quick and responsive FE 250 is the new weapon of choice for all enduro racers.

FE 350: After winning an Enduro World Championship after its release in 1991, Husaberg is back on track with the return of the FE 350. The FE 350 succeeds the FE 390 in the 2013 line-up for the new and growing mid-size division that performs like a 450 but feels like a 250.

FE 450: Such moments actually exist, when you know you’ve come further than ever before. This is when you realize that you’ve surpassed your limits and nothing will ever be the same again. That’s what it feels like ploughing through the undergrowth, arriving at lonely mountain tops and surviving big drops on an FE 450, where the unenlightened feel fear and foreboding. Even Swedes are emotional then, only they don’t show it, of course.

FE 501: Husaberg’s most successful model in racing so far, the legendary FE 501 is back for 2013. The FE 501 combines a huge weight reduction in 2013 with massive power that represents what Husaberg encompasses: Ultimate rideability without compromise.

2-stroke models:

TE 125: The TE 125 may be the smallest HUSABERG, but by no means should you underestimate it. The bike is perfectly suited to young and young-at-heart enduro aces. The Husaberg converts its weight advantage into an unbeatable lead in the E1 class. And its excellent performance is renowned beyond the borders of Sweden. So if you have anything big in mind, then here’s the first step.

TE 250: The TE 250 now offers a more lively power delivery and all new chassis. An adjustable power valve and selectable ignition curves give the rider the ability to adjust the bike to their personal riding style. In 2013, the TE 250 also features the standard 6-speed transmission and electric starter.

TE 300: Known for its matchless power-to-weight ratio the TE 300 approaches 2013 with a completely new chassis with even more power and agility than ever before. The TE 300 is proven to be the ultimate extreme enduro bike.

For additional information, log onto husaberg.com.