Akrapovic: Harley V-Rod Open Line Exhaust

2009-2012 V-Rod Nightrod Special and Muscle Exhaust

Harley-Davidson shook the motorcycling world in 2001 with the introduction of the new all-American V-Rod. Designed with performance in mind, this new “muscle” bike featured an all-new water-cooled 60-degree V-Twin in a low-slung hydroformed frame.

Eleven years later and V-Rod production is still going strong in the shape of the V- Rod Nightrod Special and Muscle.

As a low-seat boulevard bruiser, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod is all about style and brute power. This combination is underlined with the V-Rod’s dragster styling – a long, low and a muscular stance with engine tidily displayed for all to see.

Now the V-Rod Nightrod Special and Muscle can look meaner; sound meaner and rip from the lights like a true mean machine with the aid of the latest aftermarket Akrapovič Open Line exhaust from its popular Custom range of replacement performance exhausts.

The same Open Line system neatly fits both the Nightrod Special and Muscle versions of today’s V-Rod. The twin downpipes are built from austenitic stainless steel and feature the quality formed bends and welds that feature on all Akrapovič exhausts – the same detail to construction that has made Akrapovič the official supplier to racing teams worldwide. The two curving tubes also have the facility to retain the original lambda sensors.

The linkpipe section is of 2-1 design, where the downpipes are held by QD spring. The join is accurately placed and welded to ensure minimal disturbance to exhaust flow. As with the downpipes, the linkpipe connects by interference fit and QD springs to the muffler body.
Muffler body consists of a titanium alloy outer sleeve with a mounting bracket accurately welded to the rear for easy-fit mounting to the chassis. The V-Rod Muscle requires the fitment of Akrapovič mounting brackets to remount the pillion footpegs if required.

The muffler body features a noise reduction insert that, while installed, allows the CNC machined end cap to let loose the deep resonant tone that Akrapovič is also famed for. Anyone who likes their Harley to sing loud and proud with full performance effect simply has to remove this insert.

Safety and style isn’t always easy to bring together, but in the case of the Open Line exhaust this has been achieved with the use of three heat shields, all made from the finest hand-formed, heat resistant carbon fibre.

Performance is enhanced along with the V-Rod’s appearance especially when the fuelling and ignition system is tuned specifically to the Open Line exhaust by way of a Dynojet Power Commander module from Akrapovič partner Dynojet. This system ensures performance gains throughout the rev range, with a responsive throttle response to match. Along with weight saving of 13.6kg (30lb), performance is further enhanced with the increased power-to-weight ratio.

2009-2012 Harley V-Rod Nightrod and Muscle Akrapovic Open Line Exhaust Features:

  • Stainless steel downtubes
  • Stainless steel 2-1 linkpipe
  • Titanium alloy muffler outer sleeve
  • CNC machined muffler end cap
  • Three carbon fibre heat shields
  • Racing-style QD stainless steel spring connections
  • Removable noise reduction insert
  • Weight reduction of 13.kg (30lb) over standard exhaust system
  • The exhaust’s unique design and construction means weight reduction against the stock system and performance increase. As with all Akrapovič systems, service kits are available. Full assembly instructions included.

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