AltRider to Host Hoh Rainforest Ride

Hoh Rainforest: AltRider Returns to Ride the Olympic Peninsula

Rest for just a minute in the Hoh Rainforest, and you’ll notice thrills of a serene kind. Glacier fed waterfalls trickling down jagged rock opposite of the green canopy of ancient towering trees, rustling of the lush ferns in the cooling ocean breeze, the snowcapped mountains as the perfect backdrop.

AltRider returns to the epicenter of Washington’s Olympic peninsula to host the second annual Hoh Rainforest Ride on August 24-26. For $195, riders will get to experience amazing GPS-led routes for all skill levels on some of the finest terrains only to be found in the Pacific Northwest, appreciate the great outdoors with two nights of camping, and dine on traditional Native American cuisine from local ingredients catered by the Skokomish tribe.

Riders will find solace on their beautiful early dusk ride in on Friday via bike, ferry or car for a welcome dinner prepared by Mary, a member of the Skokomish tribe who also catered last year’s event. Before it gets dark, set up camp amongst the murmur of other enthusiasts ogling everyone else’s bikes and grab a microbrew to be enjoyed by the campfire. Listen to the tales from last year’s Hoh Rainforest Ride, get informed on what’s coming for the following day, and tuck into bed under the stars.

Wake up to the scent of a hearty, warm breakfast on Saturday, and the day will start with seasoned coaches offering tips on how to ride off-road. AltRider will provide the GPS routes and paper maps with the help of David McKay of Griptwister tours.

David McKay is an avid dual-sport rider specializing in leading guided tours and mapping special GPS routes all over the Pacific Northwest as well as Baja, Mexico. Riders will split into smaller groups according to skill level for a safer riding experience. Tackle twisting single track trails, logging roads with the gorgeous Puget Sound to the side; dirt roads alongside steep mountainous drops with the occasional wildlife scurrying past– don’t forget to bring a camera to snap pictures of the unbelievable scenery.

After an awesome day of rainforest adventures, dine on a fresh, locally sourced dinner to round out the perfect day. The fun doesn’t end here–AltRider always provides the nightly entertainment. Dan T. Moore, who has ridden around the world with Helge Pederson, will be presenting on his amazing adventures. Dan has gone everywhere from Turkey to China, Los Angeles to Tierra del Fuego, Cape Town to Cairo on his motorcycle. Check out his blog at to follow his adventures.

One of the last remaining temperate rainforests in the US provided to be the idyllic setting for an epic ride in 2011, an adventure still etched in the memories of last year’s riders (click to watch the video). Despite your skill level, AltRider provides challenges to be conquered within your limits whether it may be learning how to maneuver narrow dirt trails on your adventure bike or crossing a rushing river with unseen dangers a foot below the water’s surface. Get informed about the ride and sign up by searching Hoh Rainforest Ride at

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