‘Moto Americana: Deserts’ Video Trailer

2012-moto-americana-deserts-video-trailer (1)

Adventure Motorcycle Documentary

Four Californian deserts and 1200 miles.

That’s what the latest Curbsyde Productions DVD covers in “Moto Americana: Deserts,” which will be soon available on DVD and shortened online web-series formats.

Attached above is an extended trailer of this new production, which shows motorcyclists and documentary filmmakers of Curbsyde Productions Joe Lloyd, Flora Lloyd, and Andre Corpuz.

These three join adventure riders Bob Berglund, Rob Watt and Whitney Koeberle as they explore the four deserts of Southern California: Death Valley, Mojave, Joshua Tree and Anza-Borrego.

Curbsyde Productions says: “They discover the uniqueness of the California deserts from dusty desert floors to wind swept rocky mountain passes. While they travel and see the country, they also meet up with fellow adventurists who help them explore their local area. Along the way, they also discover the “Americana” and the history and culture that defines traveling in the USA.”

For additional information on Moto Americana: Deserts, and other motorcycle-travel documentaries, log onto Curbyside Productions’ website.