2012 AMA Women Conference: Seminar Lineup

2012 AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has announced the first group of seminar offerings at the 2012 AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference. The conference will take place July 26-29 in Carson City, Nev.

In keeping with the conference theme of "Ride Well," the seminar lineup includes topics that promote safety, health, awareness and preparation.

Tigra Tsujikawa (Event Organizer) says: "We are thrilled to announce the first part of our exciting seminar lineup. Seminars are always one of the most popular activities at the AMA International Woman & Motorcycling Conference, and the women conducting these seminars all have a true passion for sharing their expertise."

The seminars include:

  • Get involved: How You Can Protect Your Rights To Ride And Race. Hosted by Jessica Irving, AMA grassroots coordinator, and 2011 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year Nancy Sabater.
  • Women In The Business Of Motorcycling. Hosted by Jenny Lefferts, president and founder of MAD Maps.
  • The Best of Motorcycling Tips, Tricks and Techniques. Hosted by Diane Ortiz, president of the Big Apple Motorcycle School.
  • The History of Women in Motorcycling, and Women of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Hosted by author and Hall of Fame member Cris Sommer-Simmons.
  • How to Pack & Eat Healthy for the On-the-Road Motorcyclist. Hosted by health and fitness consultant Debbie Voss.
  • The Power of PINK: Aligning Power, Integrity, Negotiation & Knowledge. Hosted by personal growth and performance consultant Eldonna Fernandez.
  • In addition to the seminar lineup, the 2012 AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference will also feature a health fair, where women can get a variety of health screenings such as mammograms and cholesterol and blood pressure checks. Conference participants will also have the opportunity to donate blood.

Tigra Tsujikawa says: "Riding well means many things to women motorcyclists. In a broader, more philosophical sense, it is also a call-to-action to be supportive members of our riding community."

Through April 30, AMA members can rack up significant savings through AMA member-only pre-registration, which offers a discounted price of $125 to attend the conference. After April 30, the fee for AMA members increases to $175, and registration opens for non-AMA members. Attendees can register now here

Tigra Tsujikawa says: "In addition to the dozens of benefits we already enjoy as AMA members, the conference adds yet another. With a non-member registration rate starting at $235, a $49 AMA membership not only pays for itself, but opens the door to anyone who wants to take advantage of the early registration discount."

Included in the registration fee to the AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference is entry to seminars, the marketplace and moto action center, the Saturday Women’s Health Fair, priority registration for manufacturer demo rides, the Friday night cookout and Saturday night Closing Celebration banquet, as well as a conference t-shirt and gift bag.

Full conference details, as well as info on how to become an AMA member, are available at AmericanMotorcyclist.com > Events > Women & Motorcycling.


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