Victory Motorcycles Trike Conversion

Victory / Motor Trike Conversion

As Motor Trike continues to expand its line of Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) conversions, the company known for turning everyday motorcycles into trikes has added a kit for Victory Motorcycles.

The "Vortex" IRS kits were designed for the touring line of Victory Motorcycles – Cross Country, Cross Country Tour, Cross Roads, Cross Roads Classic LE, and the Hard-Ball models.

Jeff Vey (Motor Trike, Inc., owner) says: "We chose to focus on the Victory because the level of refinement that the motorcycle possesses made it a natural fit for our trike conversion line. The power is exceptional and the styling is fresh.

"It also gave us an opportunity to push the envelope with the body design to go along with our world class independent rear suspension. Particular attention was paid to retain the hard chiseled look of the Victory while providing additional storage capacity for the touring customer that our trike conversions attract."

The Company is currently taking orders for the Vortex at a price of $8,995.00 per kit and setting delivery dates for April 1.

Victory Motorcycles Motor Trike Vortex Conversion Features:

• IRS (Independent rear suspension) with over 4 inches of Suspension Travel
• On-Board Air Compressor w/Fingertip LED Digital Readout & Voltmeter
• Torque Thrust Aluminum Wheels
• Disc Brake System
• Tire Pressure Monitoring System
• Trunk has 12 volt power source (Charge phone or computer in a weather protected environment)
• Trunk door designed with hidden external hinges that do not occupy any interior space( Eliminates helmet scratches and luggage tangling with trunk hinge hardware)
• Trunk comes with light mounted on door to shine onto cargo rather than being buried beneath it
• Warranty: 3 Year/60,000 Mile

Victory Motorcycles Motor Trike Vortex Conversion Options:

• Aluminum alloy wheels offered in four different styles
• Rake Kit (coming soon)
• Trunk carpets and embroidered trunk mats
• Embroidered fender bras with stitching to match bike color
• Trailer hitch
• One-piece running boards w/optional fog lights (coming soon)
• Full ABS Integration (coming soon)

Motor Trike Inc. is taking orders for the Vortex at a price of $8,995, with delivery dates beginning April 1. For additional information, click here.