Safety Sphere | Inflatable Motorcycle Protection (Video)

Safety Sphere Motorcycle Protection Concept

Inflatable protection is nothing new in the ever-changing world of motorcycle-safety innovations.

Think Dainese; the Italian apparel company invented the D-air Racing system, which provides inflatable protection to racers who continually break the 200mph barrier, such as Ducati Team’s Valentino Rossi (MotoGP) and Aprilia’s Max Biaggi (World SBK) .

Then there’s others, such as Spidi’s DPS inflatable neck brace, and the MotoAir Motorcycle Airbag jacket.

But Canadian inventor Rejean Neron created something that takes this concept to an entirely new level. Neron has invented the Safety Sphere, which does exactly what the name implies – upon impact, the suit turns into a huge sphere that engulfs the motorcyclists, protecting them from injury.

The Safety Sphere reportedly inflates to full capacity in 5/100ths of a second, turning into a huge Orange ball of air to cushion the rider upon impact with objects in the way. The two-layer suit, which features parachute-type cloth on the outer layer, is operated by a battery that’s hooked to an electronic ignition. Upon impact, the ignition triggers nitrocellulose canister that inflates the suit.

Will this Safety Sphere become a reality, ready-to-use product for motorcyclists across the world? Who knows…but the video attached above animating the product sure is intriguing.


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