Husqvarna North America has Landmark Year

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Despite enduring a tough economic climate in the past few years, Husqvarna Motorcycles North America (HMNA) reports that 2011 was a landmark year.

HMNA managed to set an all-time sales record under BMW care for the 2011 calendar year (achieved by the middle of November). Husqvarna is also proud to announce a worldwide market share gain from December 2008 to December 2011, from 1.09% to nearly 2%*.

Kris Odwarka (HMNA President) says: "The U.S. market was definitely a bright spot on Husqvarna’s global scope in 2011. Our retail registrations were up over 60% for 2011, and additionally, in our relevant segments of off-road and dual-purpose, we increased by 66%."

The HMNA dealer network also saw a very positive change last year, and national dealership locations increased by over 20% in 2011.

Revelle Harrison (Husqvarna National Sales Manager) says: "Putting a number value on our dealer network doesn’t reflect the quality of our dealers, which is far more important than the sheer quantity. We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with great dealerships in the past several months. We’re proud to be able to support them with a solid network of field staff now in place, and top-level parts fulfillment through BMW."

Over the past few years, the economic slump left many dealerships with excess inventory, but Husqvarna responded to the needs of dealers by way of three key strategies:

  • Sales to dealers were intentionally scaled back in 2011.
  • Through the support of BMW Financial Services, Husqvarna ran unparalleled sales promotions.
  • The 2012 model line was introduced, and made available to dealers, much earlier in the season compared to previous years.

Corey Eastman (Husqvarna National Marketing Manager) says: "It’s important for us to take care of our dealers because they’re the ones who support the customer.

"With our market share up and our dealer network stronger than ever, it’s a great jumping off point for the North American market. Our momentum has already carried over into 2012; January sales rose 122% over January 2011, which is traditionally a slower month for retail registrations.

"We are very excited about future projects at Husqvarna," Eastman continued. "Along with our concept bikes that have recently surfaced, we also have a lot of R&D going into our existing line. All models currently available in the U.S. will be all-new by model year 2015."

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* 51cc – 750cc, represents all on- and off-highway retail registrations reported through national motorcycle manufacturers’ associations in NAFTA, EU, AUS.

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