Marc Coma & Repsol KTM to 2011 Dakar

2012 Dakar Rally Preview

As many across the world will celebrating New Year's Day, Repsol KTM's Marc Coma will be in the initial stages of a battle for his fourth Dakar title.

The KTM 450 Rally rider will begin the trek in Mal Del Plata, Argentina, Jan. 1, and travel through Chile and Peru to eventually finish in Lima on Jan. 15. The 2012 Dakar, coined as the toughest rally in the world, will only feature one day of rest in 15 days, presenting further challenges for Coma and the other Dakar motorcyclists.

Speaking of 2012 Dakar, Repsol says "Considered the most African edition of the three held in South America, 14 stages -4,406 timed kilometers- in 15 days await the Repsol rider Coma and his KTM 450 Rally.

"Only one rest day in Copiapó, will allow the riders to take a break before facing the second part of the race, that for this year will have new and more strict rules, with heavy penalties for engine changes. For this challenge, his nine years of experience in the rally and the support of his teammate Joan Pedrero, place Coma once again as the main rival to beat."

Coma, the most successful Spanish rider in the history of Dakar, is looking to be thee first participant of this historical rally to raise the bronze touareg in Peru's capital city, Lima, on Jan. 15.

Marc Coma (MRW Repsol KTM 450 Rally) says: "Truth is I have very good feelings and I am in full physical form. We expect a tough and demanding rally, where experience will be a key factor. Although we have to be focused from the first day, the stages in Atacama and Peru can decide the race.

"I don't feel pressure, so I simply face the race with the same strength and determination. I will compete as always and then we will see what we can do. To win again will undoubtedly be the best reward, as there have been some years that a winner does not repeat victory, but we have to do it step by step."


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