Yamaha Champions Riding School at IMS

2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows

There’s no doubt about it – if you want to learn optimal track skills that equate to additional safety on real-world streets, attending a motorcycle riding school is a top choice.

And with so many riding schools in existence today, there’s constant competition to garner the most attention of future prospects.

One school that’s looking to gain additional momentum is the Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS).

The YCRS instructor group, which consists of top names in motorcycle racing such as World Superbike/AMA Superbike Champion Scott "Mr. Daytona" Russell, two-time AMA Champion Nick Ienatsch and top-10 AMA Superbike finisher Ken Hill, is currently conducting seminars at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

At the IMS shows, these Yamaha Champions Riding School are holding advanced motorcycle-riding clinics aimed at "helping motorcycle riders of all skill levels."

Nick Ienatsch (YCRS founder, Sport Riding Techniques author) says: "We’re excited about the opportunity to join everyone at the upcoming Progressive International Motorcycle Shows. Our goal with the stage seminars is to help riders of all levels improve by learning techniques that work as the pace comes up or the grip goes down.

"There’s so much misinformation in this sport: ideas that just don’t work and techniques that are literally the opposite of what the best riders in the world do. We’re on a crusade to get America riding better…and that means faster and safer…mostly safer!"

The Yamaha Champions Riding School says instructors will engage audiences with "Goofus and Gallant," covering good and bad motorcycle riding techniques; "Crashers Anonymous," where audience members come up and tell their crash stories and get advice; "What’s Your Problem?" where audience members ask questions and receive expert answers; "A Day at the School," where the instructors walk through the Yamaha Champions Riding School program explaining why they do what they do; and "Champions Habits," where instructors talk about why the best do what they do."

The Yamaha Champions Riding School instructors will appear at the following Progressive International Motorcycle Shows: Seattle, Wash., Dec. 16-18; Novi, Mich., Jan. 6-8, 2012; Washington, D.C., Jan. 13-15; New York, N.Y., Jan. 20-22; Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 27-29; and Chicago, Ill., Feb. 10-12.

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