WingShields: Hand Guards for Cruisers

2011-wingshields-hand-guards-for-cruisers 1

Motorcycle Hand Guards/Wind Deflector

Brukus Motorcycle Parts recently released a new product to protect the hands of motorcyclists – WingShields.

But these hand guards are exclusively for cruisers, fitting Harley-Davidson motorcycles and metric bikes.

Made of Lexan polycarbonate, WingShields are virtually unbreakable. This strenght is due to Lexan being one of the toughest transparent materials available – about 300 times stronger than single-strength glass.

Lexan is also weather-resistant and light weight!

. So, that translates into a lightweight, transparent, virtually unbreakable protection for your hands while traveling on your motorcycle!


While shaped to curve over your hand grips on your bike, WingShields are approximately 5 inches at their widest point and 12 inches in length. The shape and curve takes advantage of the wind flow past your hands.

2011-wingshields-hand-guards-for-cruisers 2

The WingShields attach to either Harley-Davidson motorcycles or metric cruisers, attaching quickly and easily where the mirrors are installed (hardware is made of Stainless Steel and aluminum). MSRP is $89.95. For additional information, log onto