Knox: Meta-Sys Back Protector | Details

Motorcycle Back Protector

Meta-Sys is the latest innovation in back protection developed by Knox, the leading British impact protection specialists.

Styled unlike any other body armor, Meta-Sys [short for metamorphic system] takes inspiration for its clean and crisp look from the futuristic styling seen in the movie Tron and on high tech products like the iPad.

Featuring Knox’s second generation hybrid technology for maximum impact absorption and a unique four-plate design for freedom of movement in multiple directions, Meta-Sys offers high-tech functionality to match its looks.

Knox Meta-Sys Protection

Unlike any other protector on the market, Meta-Sys features second generation hybrid technology; the combination of a ‘hard’ polypropylene outer shell to help dissipate impact and a soft Flexiform+ inner layer for superior energy absorption.

This unique dual compound design absorbs massive amounts of energy from an impact for superior protection and exceeds the requirements for EN1621-2 Level 2 compliance, the toughest CE standard. It does so without adding extra weight; the Meta-Sys weighs no more than most traditional back protectors.

Knox Meta-Sys Movement

Meta-Sys is designed with four separate sections, which move independently, enabling the wearer to twist and turn in almost any direction. The design also allows up to 60mm of expansion – double the amount the spine extends when crouched – helping to maintain protection over the full length of the back while riding. Additional Scapula protection is also incorporated to help cover the vulnerable shoulder area.

Knox Meta-Sys Comfort

Multi-position waist and shoulder strap slider systems help facilitate a snug and comfortable fit and also help with articulation. Unlike any other back protector on the market, the Meta-Sys features a fully removable and machine washable inner so it can be kept clean and fresh for each use.

Meta-Sys will be available from all authorized Knox retailers early in 2012. For further information contact Knox on (44) +1900 825825 email or visit


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