Jesse Rooke Hardstreet Softail Bagger

Custom Harley-Davidson

Jesse Rooke used the bright lights of Las Vegas to debut his newest creation The Hardstreet Harley-Davidson Softtail Bagger at this year’s Sema Show, the largest aftermarket show in the U.S.

This bike is the new direction for custom V-twins, featuring the revolutionary Hardstreet Alloy Tech Multi-fit Brackets, Rooke showed his unique approach to custom motorcycle design.

Jesse Rooke says: “I didn’t expect these Hardstreet bags and Adjustable Alloy Tech Brackets to work as well as they did. I was totally blown away, I didn’t need to cut or weld anything to the bags or bike to make them fit. The fit was amazing.”

The Hardstreet Softtail Bagger though very customized is easy to ride, though it looks like ridge it is based on a 2008 softtail frame. The way Rooke has bobbed the fender and has placed the Slimbags covers the suspension.

The open wheel look and wide tire is just cool. There are subtle details all over the bike from the Metallic blue spider web paint on the tank and fenders to the billet ring around the black head light. The trademark Rooke Triple Clamps and motocross inspired foot pegs add a nice detail along with an exposed belt drive, a trick FMF laser cut exhaust, and K&N filter for performance. The combination billet chrome wheels with Dunlop tires are really slick..

The sporty front forks that are blacked out adding to the contrast of the wheels with Brembo Brakes adding some stopping power.

The HARDSTREET Slimbags give the bike room for cargo and Alloy Tech Brackets make it easy to install without cutting and welding. The 2012 HARDSTREET Slimbags have a contoured back to allow a close fit for many popular dual shock cruisers. The Slimbags are designed to maintain a narrow profile but have large bag volume, 1800 square inches, in each bag. This is larger than most standard leather bags. HARDSTREET bags have a weather resistant seal and push button locks.

The new Hardstreet Alloy Tech Multi-fit Brackets provide simple adjustable mounting for the Slimbags and can accommodate different pipe configurations and different seating configurations. The included bolts and spacers allow for easy adjustment the Slimbags to fit most seats and exhaust pipes.

Jesse Rooke Hardstreet Harley Softail Features:
• 2008 Softtail frame
• 2008 98 cubic HD motor with 6 speed trans
• Hand built tank
• Open Wheel Rear Fender
• Glossy Balck Hardstreet Slimbags with Alloy Tech Brackets
• K&N Air Filter
• Dunlop Tires
• Rooke Triple Clamps and Headlight
• Motocross style foot pegs
• FMF laser cut exhaust
• Bembo Brakes
• Exposed Primary Belt Drive
• Billet wheels
• Sportster forks

Slimbag Features:
• Contours around shocks and frame.
• Large Capacity 1800 sq. inches per bag
• Dimensions: 22″ long x 8″ wide x 12″ high
• Injection molded ABS construction
• Weather resistant sealed
• Lockable
• Choice of mounting options new Alloy Tech Brackets, Slim Brackets, or can be used with many quick release systems such as Edge Brackets or Easy Brackets.
• Standard and Metric Brackets
• Made in USA

Retail Price $549.95 for High Gloss Black

About Hardstreet

HARDSTREET designs, builds and assembles its products in Hebron Ohio. Brothers Ken and Glen Laivins, who founded Hardstreet, have been designing bikes for over 16 years. For over 10 years HARDSTREET has been building saddle bags. You will find HARDSTREET bags on many OEM motorcycles (standard and metric). But one thing remains the same HARDSTREET bags are made with individual care and attention. HARDSTREET uses only the finest materials, such as automotive ABS plastic. This material is designed to work in extreme weather conditions from very hot to very cool. The benefit of ABS plastic is that it does not produce resin out gases like fiberglass or rotation molded bags. Often in hot weather fiberglass bags produce resin gassing that will migrate into clothing and any other items that are inside the those bags. Additionally, ABS plastic maintains its’ shape and structure even in hot weather. Injection molded ABS plastic is also excellent to paint and easy to repair.

Check out the wide variety of HARDSTREET products at Hardstreet also provides free online technical support. Call toll-free 1-800-770-2259.


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