Ponomareff: Drift (Motorcycle Stunt Video)

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Motorcycle Drifting Video

Regardless of opinions regarding motorcycle stunt riders, the French rider Jorian Ponomareff has undeniable balance and agility.

But the sportbike stunt rider has more - a playful eye for cinematography, which has made him quite successful across the globe.

This is evident in the latest video he released on his YouTube channel, simply titled "Jorian Ponomareff - Drift."

In this short that has over 630,000 plays since Nov. 11, Ponomareff pilots his stunted sportbike through pillions with a balance and speed unheard of, with well-picked music and some comical relief.

On his website, Jorian Ponomareff is described as follows: "Nowadays recognized all over the world for his sport capacities and his videos which have been viewed million times, he is a real competitor.

"You can cross him all over the world giving shows in New York, India, Indonesia, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Malaysia, Morocco, California, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Maurice Island, ...in short, a real Globe Trotter."


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