Cardo Systems Scala Rider G4 | At a Glance

Motorcycle Communication

Capable of bike-to-bike communication up to a mile away, the Cardo Systems Scala Rider G4 PowerSet Bluetooth Intercom System allows you to stay in touch with up to three fellow riders when out on the road.

The G4 PowerSet includes two factory-paired Bluetooth units for easy set up.

Each G4 can connect with virtually any portable Bluetooth device including mobile phones, MP3 players, and compatible GPS units (for in-helmet voice instructions). It can also connect via hardwire with non- Bluetooth MP3 players and GPS units.

Incoming intercom messages and mobile phone calls automatically override MP3 music, and each G4 headset can be actively connected to one Bluetooth device and two other Scala Rider headsets at one time.

The Scala Rider G4 has an integrated FM tune with RDS,giving riders the ability to scan and seek stations and to save favorites utilizing the six-station channel memory. Voice-recognition (for answering, dialing or rejecting calls), spoken status announcements (to report incoming and outgoing connections) and AGC technology for automatic volume adjustments (based on ambient noise) make this a completely hands-free system.

Cardo Systems Scala Rider G4 MSRP: $490


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